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Aug 13, 2007 04:55 AM

Bonjour Brioche - are you serious?

Several posters have recommended BB on Queen and since we are Montrealers we were looking for a good baguette/croissants. What a joke. This place was (without hyperbole) the WORST baguette I have ever eaten. It had the texture of almost-dry concrete, it had no crumb, and it was undercooked. It was clear that they use a commercial yeast instead of a natural yeast starter, judging from the unpleasant texture. The baguette was oversalted, and had flour sprinkled on top...decoration? Whatever, it was heinous.

The owner claimed that her husband was from Lyon and was the boulanger. He must have failed out of pastry school. She also gave us attitude when we ordered - unfounded attitude.

Has nobody tasted bread from Au Pain Dore, Premiere Moisson, or Autour d'un Pain in Montreal? These loaves are at once chewy and crispy, with nice, natural yeast bubbles on the inside. They are perfectly delicious the next day. We could play field hockey with the BB baguette this morning.

Incidentally, we also bought 2 croissants. They were soggy, with no flaky layers on the inside or the outside.

I have purchased better quality products from our corner IGA in Montreal, not something I enjoy doing, but I would rather eat their bread than anything here.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Yes, everything in Montreal is good and everything in Toronto is bad. Uh huh. We've heard it all before.

      There are other bakeries with lovely bread in TO. Try Ace, Stonemill at St. Lawerence Market, Fred's etc. etc. Search this board. Lots and lots of options. BB is notoriously unreliable and be great or lousy. It's a problem with BB, not TO.

      1. I'm from Montreal too, and I actually quite enjoy Ace baguettes - and they're available everywhere. So Toronto ain't all that bad. Agreed that Bonjour Brioche's miss the mark, I really just go there for takeout quiche (which is sublime).

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Première Moisson baked goods have been available in at least two Dominion's stores (probably more) for the last couple of months. I refer to the Crawford/College and Bloor/Spadina stores. And yes, they make hands down the best baguette in Toronto.