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Aug 13, 2007 04:42 AM

What about Amsterdam and Brussels?

I'm not sure if I can get info on this board, but we're goin to Amsterdam and Brussels in 3 weeks and need recs for dining. We'd like to try everything from street food (maybe some herring) to 3 star michelin. Thanks in advance!

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  1. In Brussels I highly recommend Le Chalet de la Foret, as you special meal. There is a 3 course, 29 euro, prix fixe lunch menu, but I have had it and would splurge and order a la carte....I tend to order something I wouldn't necessarily prepare at home when out, and lunch the day I chose was chicken! Excellent, but I was disappointed. Even better: dinner! You can have a drink on the terrace beforehand if the weather is nice, lunch or dinner. They will bring you the menu there and may even take your order while you have your aperitif and nibbles. As the name suggests, the setting is in the forest - former hunting ground of the royal family - on the southeast side of the city. You will need a taxi or a car to get there easily.

    Be carefeul, C de la F is NOT open on the weekends! Definitely reserve as well, and for dinner count on 3 hours.

    For classic Belgian seafood try Aux Armes de Bruxelles, near the Grand Place. It's an institution here, been around more than 100 years. You should also eat "tomates-crevettes" somewhere - they're everywhere now - a hollowed out really ripe tomato or two filled with tiny North Sea gray shrimps held together with a small amount of mayo. Delicious!

    Sorry I have no Amsterdam advice.