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Aug 12, 2007 11:56 PM

A Good Place for Lunch in Westwood

I have to go to Westwood on Tuesday and need a good place for a late lunch. It can be in the village or on Westwood Blvd, or West LA. Not too fancy, but good food.

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  1. Westwood Thai on Westwood, across-ish from Border's is a great Thai place. A little further south on Pico is Torafuku, a great Japanese.

    1. shamshiri grill on westwood blvd north of santa monica.
      i believe that they offer their lunch specials until 3pm or so.

      this is a persian restaurant that offers great skewered dishes, persian stews, wonderful feta, traditional persian rice dishes, great soups, and on, and on...

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        2nd Shamshiri. Great meat and vegetarian options.

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          3rd shamshiri for a sitdown.

          for a nice quiet afternoon pastry or light lunch and stellar cup of coffee or coffee drink, try elysee bakery. one of my favorite longstanding gems in westwood village.

          of course, you can always head down westwood blvd to apple pan or junior's.

      2. Sprazzo on 1389 Westwood Blvd across from Borders is a great little Italian restaurant that is perfect for a nice inexpensive lunch $10-15 per person. Their salads (grilled veggie s/ chicken) is great along with their sandwiches.

        I also like Novel Cafe 1101 Gayley Avenue for their decent inexpensive lunches - the Novel burger is pretty good and under 10 bucks which comes with a side of fresh greens or fries. They also serve tasty breakfast meals all day - simple items like fresh fruit, pancakes, etc.

        There's also Gardens on Glendon - but its pricier. $20-25 bucks a person. The food is great, their guacumole prepared on a rolling cart is delicious.

        1. Damon and Pythias I think it's on Broxton. Whenever I'm in Westwood though I always stop at Lamonica's for pizza.

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            How about the Fresh Corn Grill on Westwood Blvd near Ohio? Good salads, soups, grilled shrimp, chicken, pastas and such and reasonably priced.

            For more $$, the Gardens, Palamino, Napa Grille, Tengu, Tanino's, or La Bruschetta.

          2. Delphi (right across from Border's) is a great, fun Greek place with attentive service and inexpensive but delicious food. Nearby is Pomodoro (small place, not to be confused with the chain) which has excellent Italian at reasonable prices.

            In the Village proper, I like Nature's Way Cafe (next to Pinkberry) for vegetarian food but it's not much to look at inside. Scallion's (on Broxton/Kinross) is a good choice for quick and tasty Chinese.