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Aug 12, 2007 11:48 PM

Fondue for one?

I was reading the cheese fondue threads and checked out the mentioned restaurants' websites, and am now wondering if there were a restaurant that serves cheese fondue for one person?
Asking for "fondue for one" is probably like asking for "yosenabe for one", i.e., not authentic at all, and too much hassle for the restaurants, but I would appreciate any info.

Here's the result of my search:
Caren's Wine and Cheese Bar - for two
(Although I did see on Chowhound posts that their serving was rather small -- along with one or two negative reviews if I remember correctly)
Tetley's (kinda far) - minimum of two people per order
Cafe Taste - for 2-4
Biff''s Bistro - for two
Barberians Steak House - for two
Panorama - couldn't find their menu on the web
Lakes Bistro - couldn't find their menu on the web
Le Papillon - couldn't find fondue on their menu
Beer Bistro and Bier Market - not particularly thrilled about the beer-in-fondue idea.

So far the only place I found without the indication fo the number of people, I think, is The Reds (Fontana Fondue). I am imagining it is okay to assume that it is for one person?

When I lived in Switzerland there was a lovely bistro in the neighbourhod that served good food and fondue, and they would gladly make a "fondue for one"... but I guess I shouldn't ask one of these restos above that serve "for two" to accommodate and make a "for one" size fondue...

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  1. Jeremy at Cafe Taste is very helpful and would, I am sure, create a fondue just for you....

    1. I would second Cafe Taste and definitely agree that Jeremy is flexible and helpful - plus the atmosphere is cozy and relaxed -- conducive to enjoying fondue for one.

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      1. re: n10sity

        Thank you robgm and n10sity, I'll call Cafe Taste and see if 'for one' can be aranged!

        1. re: lilith

          Coincidentally, I was having lunch at Beer Bistro today. The woman beside us, dining alone, was having the fondue. It looked quite lovely but cannot vouch for the taste.

          1. re: EarlyDrive

            Oh, I can. It is decadently and richly delicious. No so traditional, as I've had when my Swiss friends make fondue. And to ensure your cholesterol levels hit sky high limits, order the fries for dipping.

            For health reasons this should only be consumed once in a lifetime.

            1. re: Mila

              Thank you EarlyDrive and Mila, but as I noted above, currently I am craving for more traditional fondue, rather than the beer type. I am definitely interested in the beer variation though, and I will probably try them some time in the future, but not now.

      2. Thought I'd post an update.

        I contacted Cafe Taste and Jeremy Day was indeed very nice,
        said he'd gladly alter the recipe to prepare 'for one' serving,
        so long an advanced notice is given to make sure any staff working will be aware.
        So I decided to go there on the weekend, can't wait:D~~~

        Thank you everyone!

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        1. re: lilith

          So I had my fondue night at Cafe Taste, and am glad I did.
          They had the oyster special at 1/2 doz oysters for $10 so I started off with that, along with a crisp sparkling wine, then the fondue with three cheeses -- gruyere, double creme brie and stilton. Mmmmm! The 'fondue for one' was very carefully prepared, and with the right amount of heat (which they had to use three tealights because their regular heat source would have 'burned' the fondue. The tealights worked perfectly, slowly warming the fondue to keep it at the right temperature. I felt sorry I was only paying 1/2 the price, because, it may have been smaller in terms of portion size, but certainly not smaller in terms of effort! I also had a nice dessert, chocolate cookies & ice cream sandwich with syrup.
          So, with oysters, fondue (small size), dessert, 1 sparkling wine, 1 red, 1 white, 1 port, and a coffee (w/liqueurs) the bill came to $72 incl. tax. Very very nice.

          1. re: lilith

            I'm glad Jeremy could help you out. He really does care about what he does and this is evidence of that. Your experience should also show waiters and owners alike that single diners can be very profitable!