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Aug 12, 2007 09:40 PM

Birthday dinner for 5 in KC, MO

My birthday is coming up and my family and I are going out to dinner. I want to go somewhere completely new, I have never even heard of, and what better place to ask than my fellow chowhounds!?

I don't want to break the bank, so probably about $30 a head or less (less than $150 total) and I like any cuisine except Greek food, so throw em at me and let's see if I can find a new place to try!

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  1. You might try Malay Cafe on Barry Road. The food is very good.

    1. While I like Malay Cafe...I wouldn't recommend it for a birthday dinner. More of a "I'm up North and it's lunch time and if I see one more chain restaurant I'll scream" kind of place. I've had a couple of above average meals there and a couple of so-so meals. The ambiance is severly lacking but the service is very good. (My kids go gonzo for the coconut shrimp.)

      I'm in a bit of a rut myself r&p. I'll be interested to see some of the responses.

      bluestem is next on my list for fancy. But I'm also looking for something new & exciting in that mid-price range. My parents are coming for an extended visit in a couple of weeks and I'm trying to figure out where to bring them that they haven't been before - with out going much further south than the Plaza or Brookside.

      1. RandP, what are you expecting for that $30? Wine, appetizers, dessert?

        I've heard about a newish place called Thomas restaurant, but not been. I think it was on 39th St.? Maybe some of the other hounds will chime in on whether it's appropriate for a birthday.

        My choice would likely be Bluestem, but that first question will apply here.

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          Thomas is one of my fav restaurants in KC actually, I highly recommend it!

          I'd love to go to Bluestem, but it's just too expensive. I need somewhere my family and I can get dinner and probably a bottle of wine for under $150 (there's 5 of us including myself).

        2. I had a really nice meal at Chosun, a new Korean place at 127th and Metcalf. They have grills at some of the tables and you can cook yourself or sit at a "normal" table and order already cooked food. Prices range from $13 up, most entrees are in the 20 - 25 dollar range. Not exactly cheap but it should fit your price range. I had a stir fried pork that came with 7 or 8 side items including kim chee, bean sprouts, an omlette thing, and the only one I didn't like was a pickled jalapeno side (imagine that I didn't like the jalapenos). Service was very nice, I let them know that I knew very little about Korean food,and my waitress stepped me through everything.

          Nice place, I'll definately be back.

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          1. re: chileheadmike

            I like Chosun a lot too, I wrote about it in this thread:
            The only problem as a birthday dinner is that they're all about meat and so there are limited appetizer and booze choices and I don't remember desserts on the menu. Then again, you could always go somewhere for ice cream afterwards! And I suppose meat is always a fun way to celebrate. If you do go, try to get a grill. It's not noisy or smelly at all and kind of fun.

            1. re: chileheadmike

              I like Chosun, too, but I don't think they're new exactly. It's also not a friendly to vegetarians choice. I don't know that the atmosphere is quite enough for a birthday, either, but anyone who hasn't been, should definitely give them a try. The food is really good.

              The side dishes will come with any entree. They're called panchan or banchan and a re a traditional part of Korean meals. A great tradition, if you ask me!

            2. Not sure what kind of atmosphere you're looking for, with the parents and all, my parents would be all about this place... but what about The Drop? It's more of a bar, but a nice bar. We went there for an "event" a while back and sampled a good portion of the menu and it was fantastic! I would think it would make for a really fun birthday dinner... warm chocolate chip cookies and milk for dessert... what more could you ask for?! ;-) I'm trying to pick out some things from the menu that I really loved, but I can't single anything out- I really and truly loved it all!

              409 E 31st St, Kansas City, MO 64108

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              1. re: Katie Nell

                Or what about La Bodega? I guess I'm just thinking of the way my family and I eat... pass the plates around and everyone sample!

                La Bodega
                703 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64108