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Aug 12, 2007 09:19 PM

Kingston, Ulster County, Hudson Valley, great new Indian restaurant

We are used to the Indian chow in Jackson Heights, Queens. Ate our way through great many buffets there and shopped in Patels Brothers. The Indian Grill on Broadway is more subtle than many Queens restos and doesn't intend to feed the crowds. We went there for the Sunday lunch buffet and five kinds of meat dishes awaited us in addition to wonderful and a subtle okra and spinach dish. Bring your own wine. The chef is from Pakistan and has another restaurant in Poughkeepsie. Bring your friends and help us to sustain this wonderful restaurant in this culinary dessert.

The Indian Grill is located in midtown of Kingston, Ulster County, on Broadway, just before the underpass of the railroad. Parking is behind the restaurant, between the restaurant and the Dunkin Donut store.

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  1. Indian food has not done too well in Ulster County. Several Indian restaurants have gone belly up in the past few years. That, and the midtown location don't bode well for this one.

    I guess that if you love Indian food, you should try this before it's gone.

    1. which one in poughkeepsie?

      1. Thanks for the good word on this, can't wait to try it! I wish I could recommend the two Indian restaurants in my hometown, New Paltz, however... I CAN highly recommend the Red Hook Curry House's dinner buffets on Sunday and Tuesday nights. The woman who runs this kitchen is inspired.

        1. Hi: We also are very happy that there is a GOOD indian restaurant in Kingston (His other restaurant is in the Marshall's Mall Rt 9 Poughkeepsie--fancier digs).
          We were just leaving the restaurant when you came in (the owner had mentioned you, and pointed you out) yesterday afternoon.
          The chef/owner will cook anything on the menu if you want it and it is not on the buffet line (he plans to add another steam table on, so there will be more choices in the near future). He did so for my friend who wanted a lamb korma (lamb comes out for the dinner time buffet).
          There is also goat on the menu --the restaurant is Indian/Pakistani, after all.
          The food was palette pleasing--not the usual either very bland or toooooo hot that you taste nothing but the burn--the mixture of spices made each dish taste like it came from someone's home kitchen, not mass produced. While not as spicy as many a native eater might like the food was not blanded down for the American salty ketchup loving tastebuds.
          Pass the word on....
          ciao, Maggie

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            my original msg just got accidentally deleted by me.

            good - kabab palace is in poughkeepsie (that's the one you mean). there's another so-so one by the courthouse (on main st), and the worst food ever near vassar, kismat.
            i went last year, and ugh. here's my comments:


          2. I live within blocks of 2 Indian restaurants but will be driving up to Red Hook Curry House tonight - yay it's buffet night! Sunday and Tuesday. (Monday is Bard discount night I think.)

            The chef at Red Hook is a goddess. Love the veg, the breads, the fish curry, but she does a couple of knockout chicken dishes, omg, big chunks of tender white chicken in a delicate subtle spice sauce. Sorry I forget the name of them but they are both amaaazzzzing.

            Chai tea (really good) and dessert included in the buffet, which is what, $12? A steal.

            ooh the new place in Kingston sounds intriguing, I'll have to check it out. I love good Indian food.