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Aug 12, 2007 09:11 PM

Pamir Kebob House - Poway

A colleague mentioned that Pamir Kebob House in Poway has by far the best Afghan food in SD. Did anybody tried this restaurant ? I couldn't find hardly any information beside two very positive Yelp reviews:

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  1. I don't have enough experience to say it's the best Afghan food in SD, but they do have very good food. I've been twice for lunch and three times for dinner and have enjoyed everything I've ordered.

    The kabobs are good - tasty and not dry or tough. I've also had the dumplings (they prepared it as an appetizer for me) and really liked them, although I'm not sure if I would have been satisfied with them as an entree. The portion was definitely filling enough, but I like my dinners to be more hearty. If you were looking for a lighter meal, this would be my recommendation.

    I also had a lamb dish that had sour cherries and the Persian rice - yum! I'd probably order it again the next time we visit. For lunch, though, you can't go wrong with their lunch special of the day.

    The owners are really nice, too. It's usually not very full, but I hope that changes. I wouldn't consider their dinner prices to be expensive... we went once with an Entertainment book coupon and felt bad about using it as the prices were very reasonable.