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Aug 12, 2007 09:07 PM

Palm Springs in August

Although I have seen lots of suggestions for PS and environs in the last few months, we will be there in about 10 days-- last time we were there in late August, there were a lot of "closed for the season" signs up.

So, wondering what locals or recent travelers would recommend for this time of year for casual but interesting dining? (wine list not applicable).

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  1. On another post about Palm Springs area restaurants I mentioned The Elephant Bar & Restaurant on 111 and San Luis Rey in Palm Desert. Go to their extensive website and you can look at pictures of the restaurant and the menu which is reasonably priced and varied. For oriental the City Wok on Country Club and Cook across from the Desert Marriot Springs Hotel has excellent food and is also very reasonably priced. In Cathedral City try the Red Tomato always rated very high by the newspaper. Sherman's Deli (2 locations) has a very good kosher deli food. We live in the area 6 months of the year and have been coming to the valley for years and those are a few of our favorites.

    1. El Mirasol, 140 E Palm Canyon, south of downtown at the big curve. Excellent regional cuisines of Mexico, featuring incredible moles, chile rellenos, crab enchiladas, fresh sauteed spinach with scallions and garlic as a substitute for rice and/or beans, whole pinto beans if you don't want refried...currently doing chicken, scallops, shrimp with what they call Pachuga sauce - made from purple tomatillos now in season....great margaritas, ask for the El Mirasol with fresh lime juice instead of sure to ask because most of what I listed isn't on the menu....

      1. Open all summer in Palm Springs can be difficult but there are a few great places. Johannes closed on Monday, $$$ fine dining, Zin open every night $$ casual atmosphere, great food and wine, Matchbox, $-$$ casual pizza/american food open every night, Al Dente good Italian $ open every night, Azul $-$$ tapas bar open every night, El Mirasol $$ Mexican, Blue Coyote $$ Southwest with great margaritas. Check out for a list of all the restaurants in town.

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          Thanks for the suggestions-- we had such a good meal at Zin that we went back the next night. Pleasant service and exceptional food (the hamburger was described on another post as the best anywhere and I would agree). Salads also fresh and interesting. Would definitely recommend this one.

        2. We ate at Blue Coyote in Palm Springs. I think it ranks with the worst Mexican/Southwestern I've ever had. We asked to try the tortilla soup and corn chowder. The former was gelatinous and tasted like Campbell's. The latter was a thick viscous blob of what tasted like canned cream corn. We opted for the posole, which was better, though served luke warm. Our companion had enchiladas, which was a bowl full of tasteless chicken chunks smothered with insipid sauce and cheese. Moreover, all her food arrived cold. And the margaritas tasted like they were made of a mix with fake lime juice. I'd recommend Baja Fresh over this!