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Aug 12, 2007 09:07 PM

Best Sushi in Van

I'm here in Vancouver, helping a friend move here. I need a killer memorable sushi meal for a proper introduction to the city. I've been to Tojo's, and absolutely loved it! I've just haven't heard the best things since he's moved. Anyone have any recs? Who's got the freshest? Who else does omakase?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. wow, i was going to chime in with Tojo right away. that man knows his fish- maybe make sure you sit in front of him at the bar and do the omakase with some extra tojo special tuna- if he's going downhill, the world of sushi is in trouble... that guy is a bad mofo- and i live in nyc, land of yasuda and gari and... enjoy fb

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      Everyone does omakase if that's what you want-I haven't always found it to be representative of what's on offer/what appeals to me though.

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        Second Octopus Garden :)

        Also there is a tiny hole in the wall place at 16th and Main - the name escapes me at the moment (it starts with a T), always has a line up OUT the door. Lucky me they are close to me house :)

      1. I agree with the other posters here...(except about Tojos). if price isnt an option the Octopus Garden is the place to go...........if you want very fresh but a little cheaper, toshi on 16th and main is the spot, but as mentioned they dont take reservations and the line up can be very long sometimes, (ask for the box sushi, its not on the menu)