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Aug 12, 2007 08:53 PM

Find me a Slush Puppy! (Please.)

In much the same spirit of the recent Hostess Sno Ball posting:

Today I smelled some scented bubbles (who knew they even made such a thing? Thanks, Target!) that smelled exactly like a grape Slush Puppy. And now I must have one. A Slurpee just won't cut it.

I haven't seen one of the machines since...well, since longer than I care to admit. The company still exists, but their website doesn't list retailers.

Can anyone direct me toward a purveyor of 'Puppies? Work your magic, Hounds!

With slightly ashamed thanks,

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    1. re: Local

      Unless I'm doing it wrong, (which is quite likely), that site only shows distributors, not retailers. I suppose I could call the distrubutor and beg them to reveal their vendors to me. Just how badly do I want this? I'll re-evaluate in the morning...

      1. re: squirrelo

        You shouldn't have to beg -- money to the retailer means money to the distributor.

    2. You can find SLUSH PUPPY at the KFC in WLA. Right now they have cherry & watermelon flavors.

      KFC (310) 477-1884
      11900 Wilshire Blvd.
      WLA, CA 90025

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      1. re: foodhappy

        oooh....thanks! I was craving a slush puppie.......wish they had blue raspberry......

        any other leads?

      2. AM/PM Minimart & Gas Station on the corner of Motor and Palms has a huge Slush Puppy sticker/sign against the building. I haven't been inside in a while but I'm pretty sure they have a slush puppy machine. Maybe you can call and find out.

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        1. re: tatertots

          I hit the AM/PM Minimart today and they have a machine with blue raspberry, cherry, lemon lime, bubble gum, and something else. A medium is $1.07. The signs on the cups are wrong.

          For some reason I had been craving one of these so I was wowed when I say this post. Thanks to all.

        2. Sweet...I'm over in WLA tomorrow, and will check out both. Perhaps one for breakfast and one for lunch? (And then a hyperglycemic coma for dinner...). And Das Ubergeek, good point about the distributors. I could even compile a Slush Puppy master-list of sorts.

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          1. re: squirrelo

            a piece of the Colonel's spicy recipe chicken to go with,or better yet, ... topped off with a few Slim Jim's- now there's a mix with temptation written all over it.

            1. re: squirrelo

              Squirrelo - did you have a chance to check out the AM/PM mini mart? Success?

            2. I believe the KFC on National and Sawtelle on the westside has them as well. KFCs seem to be a good place to try.