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Find me a Slush Puppy! (Please.)

In much the same spirit of the recent Hostess Sno Ball posting:

Today I smelled some scented bubbles (who knew they even made such a thing? Thanks, Target!) that smelled exactly like a grape Slush Puppy. And now I must have one. A Slurpee just won't cut it.

I haven't seen one of the machines since...well, since longer than I care to admit. The company still exists, but their website doesn't list retailers.

Can anyone direct me toward a purveyor of 'Puppies? Work your magic, Hounds!

With slightly ashamed thanks,

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    1. re: Local

      Unless I'm doing it wrong, (which is quite likely), that site only shows distributors, not retailers. I suppose I could call the distrubutor and beg them to reveal their vendors to me. Just how badly do I want this? I'll re-evaluate in the morning...

      1. re: squirrelo

        You shouldn't have to beg -- money to the retailer means money to the distributor.

    2. You can find SLUSH PUPPY at the KFC in WLA. Right now they have cherry & watermelon flavors.

      KFC (310) 477-1884
      11900 Wilshire Blvd.
      WLA, CA 90025

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      1. re: foodhappy

        oooh....thanks! I was craving a slush puppie.......wish they had blue raspberry......

        any other leads?

      2. AM/PM Minimart & Gas Station on the corner of Motor and Palms has a huge Slush Puppy sticker/sign against the building. I haven't been inside in a while but I'm pretty sure they have a slush puppy machine. Maybe you can call and find out.

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        1. re: tatertots

          I hit the AM/PM Minimart today and they have a machine with blue raspberry, cherry, lemon lime, bubble gum, and something else. A medium is $1.07. The signs on the cups are wrong.

          For some reason I had been craving one of these so I was wowed when I say this post. Thanks to all.

        2. Sweet...I'm over in WLA tomorrow, and will check out both. Perhaps one for breakfast and one for lunch? (And then a hyperglycemic coma for dinner...). And Das Ubergeek, good point about the distributors. I could even compile a Slush Puppy master-list of sorts.

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          1. re: squirrelo

            a piece of the Colonel's spicy recipe chicken to go with,or better yet, ... topped off with a few Slim Jim's- now there's a mix with temptation written all over it.

            1. re: squirrelo

              Squirrelo - did you have a chance to check out the AM/PM mini mart? Success?

            2. I believe the KFC on National and Sawtelle on the westside has them as well. KFCs seem to be a good place to try.

              1. Oh my god I haven't had one of those in about 20 years. I always preferred them to slurpees too. It's more like a half-melted shaved ice. I'm gonna have to track one down now!

                1. I never had one but this post made me take notice recently of the large Slush Puppy sign at the curb of a gas station on Rosemead Blvd (South of the 10, North of the 60) at the intersection of Garvey Ave.

                  This place is just a couple of blocks from Tito's Market and those gest Argentina style subs with jalapeno and beef empanadas.

                  Tito's Market (Must try everything, Argentina style subs with jalapeno, beef empanadas $1.09, Hot Wings)
                  9814 Garvy Ave.
                  El Monte, CA 91733
                  (626) 579-1893

                  1. I know this thread is old by alas, there IS hope! I've been to almost every store listed here to no avail. That said, with utmost excitement I can confirm there is blue raspberry and cherry at a convenient store/market on the corner of Beethoven and Palms. I've also had watermelon at a gas station on Pico (I don't remember the cross street, sorry) somewhere on the west side. You'll see no either than the puppie himself on the building so fret not slush enthusiast!