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Aug 12, 2007 08:02 PM

Vigne in Asheville

This place just opened up downtown about 3 weeks ago. Has anybody been? Looks intriguing, maybe close to TABLE in approach to food (and I love TABLE). Would love to hear comments.

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  1. I wrote a review a couple of weeks ago. I'm not a Table fan, and admittedly haven't been there in a while. I found it similar in many respects to Fig in Biltmore Village. Overall we liked it.

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    1. re: leahinsc

      We went to Vigne last night. Great ambience, delicious food, very upscale. I am very impressed. The only issue we had was the noise level - wish they could do something about that.

      1. re: LifeisGood58

        I guess you were inside? I was wondering about the noise level as everything we saw was highly polished surfaces and not a lot of noise absorbing materials. We liked the food in places, thought prices were comprable to FIG but like Fig's food better.

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          I prefer Fig as well, but this is a good alternative. We always frequent the same restaurants - Fig, Rezaz, Limones, Table, and we eat out often, so it's nice to have another option. Have you tried Modesto? We did and I was not thrilled.

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            We do 2 out of your 4 (Fig and LImones) pretty, we need to try Modesto!

    2. Finallly did more than drink at the bar at Vigne. Went on Valentines Day and it was amazingly good.

      Outstanding dishes included:
      ~ Fried oyster appetizer - 6 plump and briny oysters with a very light batter quickly fried. Served with slaw and drizzled with vinaigrette. Had I know how delicious these were I would have ordered two servings as an entree. But then I would have missed the lamb shank.
      ~ Lamb shank - simple and perfect. Cooked exactly right, meat tender and flavorful. Served with mashed potatoes and asparagus spears. The asparagus spears were very large, but fork tender. This is the perfect comfort food on a cold night.
      ~ Beef tenderloin (I think that was the cut) was cooked to order - medium rare (and for some reason WNC seems to be an area that leans toward well done). Comments from the person that would only share one bite were along the lines of "best I've ever had".
      ~ Hamburger - cooked to order - medium rare. Comment was that it was as good as Tables, but the fries weren't as good as Bouchon. If you've had frites from Bouchon you will know what I mean.

      The space is lovely, but a little loud. It was Valentines Day, so every table was full, but the service was attentive. The check was correct ~ I always check because so many are not. We spent about $50 per person with drinks and tip - no dessert.

      We will definitely return, there's a lot more on the menu we want to try.

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      1. re: NANCY

        OK, I'm the guy that made the original post. I finally went in to give it a try a couple of weeks ago on a very cold Tuesday night. The place was mostly empty. I was greeted very warmly, and took a seat at the bar as I was by myself. As I perused the wine list, I was underwhelmed by the limited number of wines available by the glass, especially considering this place markets itself as a "wine bar". When I ordered one of the less expensive reds, I was curtly informed by the bartender that they were out of the two most reasonably priced reds on the menu. No apology, no suggested alternatives, nothing. I asked her to give me a minute, then I went to the restroom, and then decided to leave. I just can't support a "wine bar" that is out of 2 of their more affordable red wines, and then can't offer me an alternative at the same price. If you want a wine bar, go to Sante. If you want upscale food, go to Table.

        1. re: rphillips9

          Just a tid bit, the concept of Vigne' began as a wine bar (hence the name) however, as it evolved and turned in to a full scale restaurant. So I agree with rphillips, if you are looking for a "wine bar" Sante' is the place to be, Enoteca is fun as well. If you are looking for amazing food ( lobster rissotio has brought tears to the eyes of many a grown man) give Vigne another try :)

          1. re: martinichick

            I think perhaps Vigne has had a bit of an identity crisis. While their original concept was wine bar, they hired a highly trained chef and promoted their menu. Food was good-excellent, albeit pricey and service was ok-good. I noticed that a couple of months ago they began promoting more bar specials like drinks and wine...more like a bar than a restaurant. I think they are still trying to figure out their identity and the restaurant is in a slightly tough location. Not technically "downtown" or in Biltmore Village w/ other restaurants so it may be overlooked. They do have a very interesting outdoor patio area which I think will see more traffic w/ the warmer weather.

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            I don't know if you saw my review posted above, but I thought the wine was the weakest link at Vigne. Good place for a salad and a rare burger, though.