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Aug 12, 2007 07:45 PM

red rocks pizza= good eats

i went to red rocks in columbia heights last night, on georgia ave, and i have to say IMO it was quite good. the pizza was good, brick oven style, crust was soft but slightly chewy and very flavorful, good and generous toppings, the food came fast, the service was excellent and they have a pretty good selection of moderately priced wine and good beer on tap. the prices were very reasonable and there was a good vibe in the outdoor seating area. i'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good pizza in the city. i hope you all enjoy.

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  1. Red Rocks is on 11th street, not Georgia Ave.

    1. hmmm, it's good but not great..yet. I think in time it will get better..crust a bit undercooked and for the price they could put more toppings on so you could actually
      taste the quality items in each bite. They need more beer on tap as well, they were
      out of everything on a Friday night. But I agree on the ambiance and the people are great too. I think it's a fine addition to the CH hood.

      1. Anyone have a phone number for this place?

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          Here's their website. . .haven't eaten there yet (waiting for service, etc to settle in).

        2. Went to Red Rocks for first time Sunday night. Crust a bit on chewy side . . pizza was more like toppings baked on Indian naan than traditional thin crust. Also differing levels of done-ness was a bit puzzling: My `Napoli' (capers + anchovies) was chewy but my son's sausage & peppers was charred New Haven style. But these are nitpicks, really. RR is a good addition to DC area's pizza inventory. Service is friendly, attentive, effecient. Sitting outside on a cool night also was a treat. And, as noted, RR is likely to improve with age.

          1. So where is it, actually? One of you says Georgia Ave, the other says 11th St., and the website says Park Road NW and the map shows it on Park Road NW about a half block from 11th St but it looks like to get there from Georgia, you would need to make a right on New Hampshire and then bear right onto Park Road NW (if coming from the north) or from the south hang a left on Columbia, a right on 11th, and a right on Park. So Jaybirds - were you actually on 11th or were you on Park Road? We need to know because we are planning to check it out.