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Aug 12, 2007 07:27 PM

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Now contains weird ingredients, including hi fructose corn syrup. I thought that it had been tasting different for a while....

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  1. Weird.... The radio commercials for it are enough to make me hurl.

    1. i cannot stand bluebell. worst icecream i've ever had.

      1. I think Blue Bell makes a good ice cream, but they'd be better off sticking with the basics. Why on earth do we need an IC flavor called "Wedding Cake?"

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        1. re: yorkshirepud

          It's actually "Anniversary Cake", a limited release flavor in celebration of their centenial anniversary. And it's effing delicious, with big chunks of (dry!) cake and icing in the ice cream.

          I, for one, love Blue Bell. Didn't realize there was HFCS in it now. :(

          1. re: skechada

            Actually, there has been a "Wedding Cake" and a "Birthday Cake" prior to the new "Anniversary Cake."

            1. re: jonesy4000

              Ahh. I stand corrected. I would definitely like to try the birthday cake ice cream. :)

            2. re: skechada

              Me too. Absolute favorite is Mocha Almond Fudge. Addicting.

          2. Ughh. Some of your postings are teetering on the precipice of sacrilege to a native Texan. I recently saw a Cooks Illustrated tasting test of various regional ice creams and, startlingly, Blue Bell didn't make the list. I, too, was unaware, though, that they use HCFS. I wonder if a Mexican alternative will come along.

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            1. re: sgarland

              Cook's Illustrated changed their policies early in the year, and they no longer review what they consider to be "regional" products, although I would argue with their definition of regional--they no longer include Trader Joe's products in their comparisons, for instance, or any product that they think is not nationally available, although I do notice a great deal of products that I consider to be from the northeast showing up in their reviews. It would surprise me if they even included Blue Bell in the tasting, unless the review wasn't really all that recent. When/where did you see it?

              1. re: angusb

                Here's an online version, although I'm pretty sure they updated it this year.


                1. re: jackietreehorn

                  Wow. Blue Bunny recommended and Blue Bell rejected? I just lost a little faith in Cook's Illustrated. Blue Bunny is terrible, terrible ice cream (IMO).

                  1. re: skechada

                    Yes, I agree...Blue Bunny is terrible. It's funny--they eliminated Blue Bell French Vanilla and Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean in the first round, but I always buy the Homemade Vanilla, and it never disappoints me. I wonder why they didn't include it, because it is the best version of vanilla that Blue Bell makes, in my opinion.

                2. re: angusb

                  My fellow-foodie roommate spent a year in Manhattan and would go to Outback Steakhouse regularly just for the Blue Bell... If it's available nationally, even if only at Outback, is it still technically considered regional?

                  I'm not a big fan of sweets save a few specific dessert genres (cobblers, bread puddings) so I love how light, and kind of "insubstantial" Blue Bell is. I worked at Amy's for a time and while I appreciate the quality and richness, the most I could ever handle was a half scoop of the sweet cream or coffee flavors with a drizzle of hot fudge. Blue Bell also forms the best "cream froth" stuff at the top of ice cream floats !

              2. I had noticed and commented to friends that Blue Bell's ice cream seemed 'icy' almost like 'diet' ice cream. I wondered if it was a change in the cream/milk ratio, but HFCS could be the culprit