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Aug 12, 2007 07:16 PM

Delivery service (moved from Quebec board)

Now, I am foodie, chowhound - whatever you want to call me. But once in a while, we all like to just kick back, not cook, not go out and order in. Be it pizza, CSL BBQ or Chalet, souvlkai or chinese - they all have their merits. But I have found that service over the last, say year has greatly deteriorated. Delivery times are ridiculously long, orders are often not correct - food sometimes cold (but that doesn't happen often).

What do you when this happens? I just ordered from CSL BBQ and asked for chocolate cake. I got cheesecake. Not a biggie - but that's not what I ordered!! Plus it took them over an hour to deliver to me - not acceptable. Now in a restaurant you wouldn't put up with service that slow, and you would send back the wrong item. But it would seem that the delivery restaurants hold all the cards. I mean, you're not going to send back a piece of cake...

What the deliverytiquette??

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  1. I usually call to complain and either get a credit for a future order, or sometimes they send out another driver with the missing/correct item.

    I agree about the deterioration though - worst recent experience was ordering from Tao in Westmount which had til then always been great. After nearly 2 hours with no food arriving (I must have been unusually distracted - normally I wouldn't have waited that long) I called to find out what the heck had happened. "The driver ran out of gas and we had to send out someone to pick them up" was the incredible reply. I was not amused, and they did give me a 50% discount, but the food, when it did arrive, was horrible as you can imagine - the salt in the wonton soup had somehow become so concentrated that I couldn't eat it, and the chicken was nearly inedible, too. I should probably give them another chance since I'd always had good experiences, but the memory is just too horrible and I haven't so far.

    1. Call Chalet or in a pinch Saint Hubert.

      Unfortunately you are at the mercy and timing of the delivery people. They want to get the order to you correctly and asap. If they’re swamped you’ll have to wait.But if a place keeps getting it wrong then you'll either have to call and say something or order elsewhere.

      I used to love Zorba's but the food started to go down hill and deliveries would take longer and longer to make matters worse they developed a real bad attitude about things. I stopped ordering and they closed...don't know if the two are connected.

      On the other hand New System sent over a bad(90% fat) smoked meat. They were quick to respond with a new meal.