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Aug 12, 2007 07:15 PM

getting married in Savannah Ga

any recommendations on wedding Catering and / or wedding cake bakers in Savannah Ga?

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  1. For your cake, I would suggest Custom Cakes; they do exquisite work, the best cakes in Savannah by far. For caterers, I would suggest Trish McLeod, Creative Catering or Johnny Baker. You can't go wrong with any of them.

    1. Professional Chefs Services for catering, Bakers Pride Bakery for wedding cake.

      1. Susan Mason - such incredible food! I has two things that I usually avoid at a large party (over 900 people) where she did the catering. I had shrimp and grits (which if done badly taste like rubber bands in wallpaper paste) and crab cakes (mealy-mushy hocky pucks!) Her versions of both were divine - yum, yum,yum! I was amazed. She also did more standard "party food" like beef tenderloin with bernaise sauce and tiny lamb chops with mint chutney, etc. Given the size of the party, the quality of the food and service was extraordinary. I would highly recommend her!

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          I have been to quite a few of Susan Mason catered events (she may have done one for me about 15 years ago) and it has always been very good.