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Aug 12, 2007 07:03 PM

Great Breakfast an hour north of Miami?

Our trip to Miami is coming to a close, and as usual, CH has been a terrific culinary guide. One more question for our South Florida Chow friends: We're heading up to Savannah, and plan to stop for lunch at some CH recommendations in Jacksonville. But we want to leave early, and plan to stop about an hour north. Any suggestions as to whether we should take I-95 or the FL Turnpike, so as to avoid morning rush hour traffic? Please take that into consideration when you make your recommendations! Thanks in advance!

Special thanks to Frodensor, Netmover and Advisor Girl! We knew we could be confident in your recommendations. We've enjoyed El Rey de Chivito, Sushi Deli, Le Bon, River Oyster Bar, and Schnitzel Haus, among many others!

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  1. few places in Delray Beach on Atlantic Ave, pretty close to I 95.
    The Green Owl, old fashioned diner style, always busy and very good food!
    Further down on A1A & Atlantic, Luna Rosa(?) or Shore...

    1. Check out the beachfront in Lake Worth. I think the restaurant on the corner is called Mr. G's, or something like that. If you are leaving Florida, the ocean view from the enclosed room will make you homesick before you even leave...and, the food is great, too.

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        Luna Rosa is nice for brekkie, on A1A in Delray Beach, about 10 mins east of 95 at the end of Atlantic Ave,easy parking in the mornings on meters and a view of the ocean also. Lovely omelettes and eggs benedict.