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Aug 12, 2007 06:55 PM

Quick Review of Saravanaa Bhavan - Missisauga location

Went to the Hurontorio/Eglinton location of this South Indian vegetarian restaurant today with my partner and his parents. We arrived around 12:45 for lunch (not breakfast buffet), and it was packed with families. I think we were the only ones without a highchair at our table! It was loud, busy, very active. I was originally put off by an awkward dealing with the server - I asked for no rice, and he then spoke about me to my partner's parents like I wasn't sitting at the table, saying "maybe she would like...instead". Hmmm. I was slightly off put by informality of it all, but the food measured up, and the servers are everywhere and do a good job of clearing, refilling water, etc.

Myself, my partner and his father all had the "Special Meal" - you get rice or chapati, pappadums, and a variety of small dishes of vegetarian curries and veggie dishes, such as lentil soup, chana masala, raitas, chutneys, etc., and also a sweat cream-of-wheat pudding, I think there were about 10 in all, varying spice levels. My partner's mother got the Mini Tiffin, which had fewer larger dishes, more dough-based, patties, that sort of thing. the flavours were lovely in all my spicy dishes, and the serving sizes were small enough that you didn't overdose on anything.

I know that this place is well known for their dosas, thin crepe-like things which I have never had, but supposedly, they're also excellent. Overall, despite initial impressions, trhe variety of flavour and spice were well worth the crying infants nearby!

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  1. The dhosas are the thing to eat there IMO.