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Aug 12, 2007 06:52 PM

Tina's Jamaican Caribbean Restaurant

If you would like something differant this is a place to try, you will not be let down, she is now located at 223 Atwells Avenue on the hill, enjoy.

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  1. I went for lunch a couple of months was excellent and I felt bad that is was so empty. No reason for that when a crappy place like Blue Grotto stays in business forever.

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    1. re: JaneRI

      So true on the Blue Grotto! I remember years ago when I was in college, a roommate's parents insisted on that place when visiting, and despite my warnings, they would troop in there for the "authentic" Federal Hill experience every year. I'm glad Tina's is there -- where was she located prior to Atwells?

      1. re: foxy fairy

        Broad St I believe? I haven't been back to Tina's but that's mostly because I'm close by during the day, but the food is a bit on the heavy side, w/lots of meat. If I had back into the city for dinner, I'd be looking for something w/a bit more atmosphere.

        1. re: JaneRI

          Jane-- I prefer lighter lunch fare too, and I was just thinking that as I perused Tina's menu. I'm not accustomed to the big plated lunch with lots-o-meat. Where do you like to go in the city for lunch? I work mornings in Prov, so it would be cool to find something for a delicious (and fairly inexpensive) lunch before I head out of the city.

          Tortilleria Piaxtla on Atwells is one of my favorites for burritos/tacos (okay, not light, I know.. but somehow more lunch-y for me than a big plate of meat and rice). I love the sandwiches and hot dishes at Vendas too. Olga's is yummy...

          Other ideas?

          1. re: foxy fairy

            I also love Venda & Olga's (although I find the service a bit rude at Olga's...but that lovely outdoor seating kinda makes up for it). I frequent Julian's and Nick's on Broadway (Nick's is one of my faves), also Mexico on Atwells for tamales. Brown rice sushi from Whole Foods. On nice days I like getting takeout from the counter at Venda, eating it while sitting on the edge of the fountain, then finishing up w/a couple of mini lemon bars from Pastiche.

      2. im going there for dinner on thursday actually, what do you recommend?

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        1. re: tomatosoup

          I like the Curried Goat, can't get it any where else in RI that I know of.

          1. re: tomatosoup

            i ended up getting the curried chicken which i really liked. wrote a longer review on my blog here (with a picture of the enormous plate!):

          2. I took my wife there tonight. Great atmosphere, very reasonable prices, and the food was great! Tina served us a little meat pie on the house while we waited for dinner. I had the curried goat; my wife had the snapper in coconut milk. Both very good. I tried the (homemade) ginger beer, which was pretty good. The vegetable sides were sauteed cabbage and peppers - excellent - and plantain, which was very sweet and not starchy.

            I'd put this place up there with Angelo's.When we left, we got a handshake from Tina, who is very mellow and friendly. Makes me want to go to Jamaica.

            I'll be back.

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            1. re: Trnrbrnr

              Tina does a great job there and I hope she does well. I heard The Blue Grotto was under new ownership and is much better than it was.