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Aug 12, 2007 06:50 PM

Good dinner spots around Woburn/Wakefield?

Hi there,

This coming weekend, I will be making my way to the North Shore for the first time and would love some eating suggestions. Our plans are to spend Saturday driving around Marblehead, Salem possibly up to Essex and then Sunday in Boston.

For Saturday night, I am looking for a nice place with a good seafood menu, a medium to great wine list and a festive atmosphere. Considering that I like to knock a few back, it is probably wise to stay closer to our hotel in Woburn. However, if there are some nice places by the shore then I would love to hear those options as well - I will just have to make my boyfriend be the DD :)

As far as lunch is concerned, would love to hear non-touristy recs for the Marblehead to Gloucester area. I have been to fried seafood shacks on Cape Cod and LI before so I don't really feel the need to replicate that experience, unless North Shore fried seafood is markedly different. I would just like something unique and tasty; views don't hurt either. Again, main thing is no tourist traps (my boyfriend is still scarred from his previous trip to Salem -- "more weight").

And I know this is taboo, but if you just happen to also mention which towns are most worth visiting or which beach happens to be the prettiest it would be appreciated!

Thanks so much for any and all advice!

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  1. Saturday night - Catch in Winchester. You'll spend a few bucks, but well worth it.

    1. Non touristy, The Causeway in Gloucester-all the locals go there. Nothing fancy but good seafood and meat and large portions.
      P.S. prettiest beach...Crane's-grab some fried clams and chowder at Farnhams and park your butt on the beach and watch the doesn't get better than that.

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        Is it time for the black flies yet?

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          You mean green heads? They are gone I think, usually end of July first week of Aug.