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Aug 12, 2007 06:14 PM

lobster night specials?


I was wondering if anyone knew of any good restaurants that have lobster specials any night? I know that Essex has $15 lobster on Wednesday nights, but i was wondering if anyone knew of anything else. thanks!

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  1. Chumley's used to have a lobster special. Not sure if they still do. Hopefully someone who has been to Chumley's more recently will weigh in.

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    1. The Mercury Bars (there's one on 3rd Ave. & one on 9th Ave.) have weeknight lobster specials.

      1. Tuesday nights at Black Pearl. It's $19.95 and i found the experience very enjoyable (and tasty!) Here's my write up of it, if you are interested:

        1. Petite Abeille has a Lobster Night on Wed. I have never been for the lobster, but I can vouch for good mussels, fries, great beer selection, and decent burgers and steak.

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            This is a very nice little place, and does have great mussels, fries, beer and waffles. I've noticed the Weds night lobster special but haven't had the chance to try it. Outside seating, too.

            ETA: I've only tried the Hudson St location.

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              the one on west broadway is the only good one in my opinion...but i do like petite abeille.

          2. Ulysses on Stone Street has a decent lobster special on Mondays. Just be careful not to go too late since they run out pretty quickly.