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Aug 12, 2007 05:02 PM

New on Metro: The Chow Line!

I was reading the story about the new Expo Line's beginning construction, and when I saw where the line will begin and (in Phase I) end - from the Macarthur Park station to Washington and National in Culver City - I suddenly realized: it goes from Langer's to Surfas! I mentioned this to Mrs. O, who pointed out that while our own Gold Line access point - Lake Avenue, Pasadena - is devoid of any culinary interest, we could get on in South Pas, next to 750 ML and Bistro de la Gare, take it to Traxx, change there (Red Line) for Langer's (Expo) and head for Surfas, as well as La Dijonaise and a few other high points.

Sounds like an idea for a theme dinner!

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  1. The Expo Line begins at the Seventh Street Metro Station - the same as the Blue Line, with which it shares the Pico Station - not at MacArthur Park.

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    1. re: Woolsey

      Yes, Langer's is served by the Red/Purple subway lines. The Blue and future Exposition line are light rail lines that overlap with the subway lines at 7th St/Metro Center.

      Stil, not a bad thing to post some of your favorite Metro Eats. Old Town, Highland Park, Chinatown, Downtown, Koreatown, Thai Town, Little Armenia, Hollywood, Studio City, NoHo and Pine St. Long Beach are all along the Metro Rail. In two years, Little Tokyo and East L.A. get added.

      1. re: Normal Garciaparra

        The only problem with Studio City is that there's precious little within walking distance of the Red Line stop at Universal (Ca' del Sole, one or two of the barbecue places, the Baked Potato and Miceli's), so you have to transfer to...


        ...THE BUS.

        In a couple of years you'll be able to go to La Serenata de Garibaldi's East LA location on the Gold Line, not to mention that you can be in the heart of Koreatown on the Purple Line, and if the philandering mayor gets his way, eventually Westsiders will know the love that is not having to sit in traffic on Wilshire.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          But not until 2016 at the earliest, and with every passing year that goes by, that date gets farther and farther away...

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Ubergeek neglects to mention the gustatory delights available at Citywalk, a short tram ride uphill from the subway. Anybody try the palce with onsite-made beer?

            Traffic is the Westsiders' reward for all that 'tude.

            1. re: Akitist

              Well... while the beer is tasty enough, the food at Citywalk is just "eh" -- Buca is usually OK if a bit salty, Daily Grill ditto, but the food at the food court is just absolutely hellacious.

              It may have improved -- I haven't lived near there in a while.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                FWIW, Bubba Gump has replaced Gladstone's.

                I was just pointing out easy access, not making recommendations, blanket or otherwise. The attraction is the "scene", not the food, but that has been said of other places mentioned here (Pink's, Tommy's, etc).

        2. re: Woolsey

          My mistake about the 7th St. station - I thought that was MacArthur Park, but I guess that's the next one over after you get on the Red Line.

          We have already made more than a few Chinatown runs on the Gold Line, either with Chinatown as our actual destination or as a place to catch the Rapid buses to other parts, since the Chinatown station is so much less a hassle than Union. It's very pleasant to spend a Saturday taking the train down there, doing some bargain shopping, having a big bowl of something wonderful and cheap and then rolling back to Pasadena, though it does put a limit on what all you can bring back...

          1. re: Will Owen

            If it's any consolation, the Expo Line will make a trip to Harold & Belle's much easier.

        3. Not only Surfas, but walking distance to Sushi Zo, too!

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          1. re: Andrew Gore

            Not Sushi Zo, Yet. that would be Phase 2 and that route has not been decided or paid for. [Blame NIMBY-ism] But I can't wait for Phase one to be completed and we can get downtown and other areas with ease for Good Chow. We biked Most of the way from Culver City to the Wat Thai Temple taking the Red Line from Hollywood and Highland to get into the Valley but It would be great if someday they built a subway to go all the way.

            Take Care

            - P.

          2. It took 55 minutes to get from the Mission st. station (aka Bistro de la gare) in South Pasadena to the Hollywood/Vine station for Hungry Cat. Trying to participate in some eco-friendliness and at the same time avoid parking hassles on farmers market day in Hollywood, created its own headaches, including being late for brunch.

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            1. re: slacker

              In addition to the Hungry Cat at the Hollywood/Vine station, there's also Sushi Ike a block away on Gower. Lucky Devil's isn't that far either.

              At the Hollywood/Highland station, 25 Degrees is across the street in the Roosevelt, as is CeFioré.

            2. I have used the Red Line to get to food places a few times. Langers is a great stop if traveliong between the Valley and Downtown. I was working at the Biltmore across from The Pershing Square Red Line Station. We jumped on it and rode to Union Station where we made the short walk to Philippes for dinner.