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Aug 12, 2007 04:20 PM

Advantium or not to Advantium?

I'm kind of narrowing down choices on the best microwaves, does anyone out there have or own an over the counter advantium? The model I am looking to get is the SCA2001KSS, but I would like to know what other folks out there think.

Also, if maybe I should spend the extra money, and just get the advantium built in wall oven? Is there that big a differance in the 2?

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  1. You are aware that Advantium is not a microwave and does not cook the same way? Advantium is dry heat and heats from a light source and a microwave is moist heat and kind of steams your food but you can dry some things out in a microwave. I've done it by accident. You need to decide how you would use it and what you want it to do. I use my microwave for some quick defrosting whch the Advantium would not do a good job with but of course i cannot bake cookies in a microwave for instance. You probably need to do a little more homework before deciding.

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    1. re: Candy

      Microwave heat is not intrinsically wet or dry. Microwaves, in fact, aren't "heat" at all. Microwaves cause the molecules in the food to vibrate, causing friction, which generates heat. Some molecules (particularly water and fat) are more affected by microwaves than others. So if your food contains a lot of water, that water is going to heat and form steam, which then interacts with the food; if your food has very little water, what water is in it will heat, evaporate and be absorbed by the air without condensing into steam in the microwave, causing the food to dry out.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I know that. But if you think you are baking a potato in a microwave you are not. That potato is going to be steamed by the water in it itself. I did manage to totakky dry out a rutabaga once. But they are pretty dense and don't have as much natural moisture as some other veg do.

    2. I may be high, but I swear my Advantium has a microwave feature...I use it all the time to do everything a microwave would have to change back and forth between the ceramic plate inside the oven for microwave-type uses....and the black metal plate for uses which are oven the way I have had mine 6 years and love it!!

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        You appear to be right. Last time I was looking at them and pricing it did not have a microwave option. Those thing are not cheap. $1200 was the best price for the combination unit.

        1. re: Candy

          I had an Advantium in my last house. In fact, I paid to have a 220 outlet added so I could have the faster model installed. I ended up using it almost solely as a microwave. I tried some of the recipes but adapting your own recipes can be tricky. Meats done on the special grill pan just made a big mess. I hardly do any frozen convenience foods so this much-touted feature did not interest me. In the new house we are building, I'm going for a convection/microwave combo oven. I've had similar ovens over years and find them unbeatable for ease, speed, and superior finished products. Chicken done in a combo oven is crisp, brown, and lovely on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside.

          1. re: rexsreine

            We put in the 220 volt advantium in 2000 when we remodeled our kitchen. It is both an oven and a microwave and you can use it on both. It sits over the stove and is vented with a fan. It makes a great 3 lb. roast chicken in 25-30 min, fantastic grilled asparagus, you can bake 2-3 biscuits, etc. It is our second oven and comes in very handy at holiday time. I do have to admit that broiling in the Advantium doesn't work well, but making a roast is OK.

      2. The Advantium feature is great...if you are going to use it. We bought one when we remodelled our kitchen, and after playing with it for a few months it has pretty much been used solely as a microwave.

        1. where can one find and purchase grill tray for advantium microwave oven?