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Aug 12, 2007 03:32 PM

What's good at 105th and Central Park West?

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  1. Just want to revive this thread for the daytime / weekday crowd. Can anyone recommend good eats around 105th st on the UWS? I know about La Noche Mexicana, but would welcome other suggestions. Thanks!

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    1. re: cimui

      Not too much in the immediate area, if you head a few blocks West there is more on Columbus. If you really want to be adventurous, you could head up and over to the 110's near b-way. There are a bunch of place I could recomend just South of Columbia U.
      Check this menupages link...

    2. silver moon bakery is on 105 & bway and they have wonderful croissants (and other things). i used to love the slices at jimmy's pizza (106th and columbus, maybe) but that was a long time ago. v&t is pretty good (110th?). you might be best going over to broadway -- like Henry's and all of those places between, say, 103rd and 108th.

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        I live right here goes. On Columbus btwn 107 and 108 A just moved to a bigger space, and the food is great. Thai Market on Amsterdam btwn 107 and 108 is really good for Manhattan Thai. Crepes on Columbus (108 and Columbus) has a great brunch, as does Zanny's Cafe on 108 and Columbus (great sandwiches at lunch too). Saurin Park Cafe on 110 and CPW has nice sandwiches (the brie and pear is a favorite), also L'exquistus on 107 and Manhattan, great new orleans gumbo. The deli on 108 and manhattan makes great, greasy egg and cheeses.

        1. re: haleyjen

          Mm, I love Thai Market. Forgot it was so close.

      2. Perfect--these are great suggestions. Thank you!