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Aug 12, 2007 03:29 PM

SNOB??? (Charleston, S.C.)

Is SNOB really as great as everyone makes it out to be?
I normally go to 39 Rue de Jean when I'm in Charleston for lunch, but I've heard such great things about SNOB I'm a bit curious.
Also...any other lunch reccomendations?

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  1. I always eat at SNOB when I visit CHS. I think they have a great lunch and dinner. Try to sit at the chef's counter.

    1. SNOB is good. There are better, but SNOB is good at it's price point. Their veggie plate is very good. They have had an Express Special at lunch for a long time now. Sometimes it is an incredible deal but sometimes it is just cheap and thrown together. If you have never been I recomend it.

      There are quite a few good restaurants within 200 yards of SNOB. High Cotton, Magnolias, and Blossom come to mind. They are all subject to inconsistent food and service too, but usually very good.

      I have not been overly impressed by Social which is just a couple of doors down. I will give it a couple more tries but my first experience there was lukewarm... literally; the supper fancy wine chiller/dispenser had malfunctioned and my flight came out at a balmy 79 degrees! The room temperature was comfortable which means that the wine machine had officially turned into a very expensive wine warmer.

      1. Me and the wife are pretty discerning, and we thoroughly enjoyed SNOB. It was just plain fun: great service, great food, great atmosphere. All of the employees were humble and friendly and helpful, eager to make us comfortable. We loved the faux-tacky decor, and our fellow diners were all so relaxed and non-pretentious, very fun to be surrounded by. There was a sophisticated foursome from France sitting next to us and they were very happy to be there, FWIW.

        At SNOB we had charcuterie and carpaccio for the first time, and we moaned all through the meal. It was just really, really good food at entirely reasonable prices. Good clean fun. We felt inspired and satisfied when we left.

        1. SNOB is my very favorite restaurant in Charleston. I never make a trip without a meal there. It's against the law! My favorite menu item is the Maverick Grits. To die for.

          After dinner, be sure to get a warm praline fresh off the marble slab at Savannah Street Sweets near the Market.