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Chicken Wings - Minneapolis

I'm looking for a place with a) terrific chicken wings and b) tasty fried fish. Nardie's was my go-to spot for this kind of thing, but it looks like they've closed. Any suggestions? (I'm in South Minneapolis.) Thanks!

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  1. Nardie's? Is that different than Short and Wags, or another name for it? I just googled the place, and the address comes up 38th and Nicollet, which is were Wags used to be.

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      They're across the street from each other. I loved the wings from Nardie's enough that I never had the ones from the place across the street - how are they?

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        I'm not a wing person. My mom used to get them all the time. The place is really popular.

    2. Of all places try the Monte Carlo...great wings and a decent Fish & Chips

      Monte Carlo
      3rd St.off Washington Ave N

      1. One word: Art Song's. (647 N University West St Paul, MN). Okay, it's two words but still the best wings ever.

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          A hundred years ago when I was looking for buffalo-style wings in Minneapolis, Art Song's name came up. I understood that he used to have the wing shop at the location that is now Shorty & Wags on Nicollet -- does that sound right?

          Moved across the river to St. Paul and now I see the occasional sign for his place. It'd be GREAT to know if he really does have good wings near my new-ish address. Anyone know if he does them buffalo-style?

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            For Buffalo style wings in Saint Paul the only place I can recommed is Sweeney's - just had them on Friday and they were excellent.

            Never tried Song's.

        2. As a "wing lover" I think Shorty and Wags are very good. Up until about 2 years ago Mayslacks was the hands down winner, absolutely huge and flavorful, but since a new owner came on board they've become the pedestrian breaded junk now; too bad. Rail Station's on Minnehaha are pretty good, too.

          1. I have not tried them, but "Cali's Express" on Penn and the east side just south of 66th St (where the Homestead Pickin' Parlor is) recently went through a remodel and is now open with a wings / fish / shrimp menu. I stopped for a Banh Mi on Sunday and they were not making them that day (sad because they are pretty good and in my neighborhood) but I did pick up a new menu listing wings, etc.

            1. Big Ten - on the East Bank of the U or in downtown Hopkins - has outstanding wings. I wouldn't consider them a great source for fried fish, but I think their wings are easily some of the best in the twin cities. The sauce is more barbecue with a kick than traditional buffalo, but they're all the better for it.

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                Thanks for the tip. I was never impressed with Big Ten, but I'll have to check out their wings the next time I go to dollar night at the Hopkins theater.

              2. Thanks, all. I think we're going to go with Shorty & Wags for the party, because it's convenient and it doesn't seems like there's another clear-consensus place I'm missing. Y'all have given me lots of great places to check out in the future, though - thank you!

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                  Oh, and they also have fried fish, which I haven't tried but I expect would be good.

                2. I grew up eating Art Song's wings when he was in the 38th and Nicollet space now occupied by Shorty and Wags. Fabulous, and I love that they're NOT buffalo-style. I think Art must have sold the recipe with the space, because they taste the same to me, especially the sauces, which are the key to the whole experience. Had no idea Art opened a new place, I'm gonna have to check that out.