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Aug 12, 2007 02:56 PM

Favorite Brand of Flour for Bread Baking

Has anyone done a comparison of flour brands? I've used quite a few, from pricey brands to cheapo. The least expensive flour I used was Dakota Maid. In many ways it was exceptionally good. Sourdough bread made from it had exceptional flavor and texture. Price is not everything in flour.

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    1. King Arthur is my go to brand for most all flours.

      1. I would love your comparisons, if you've written it down. Have you tried white whole wheat? I've found I can substitute half for white and get a more substantial loaf than white but not as heavy as all whole wheat. The only brands of flour I can get are the general ones like Gold Medal and King Arthur so I stick with King Arthur.

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          I'd also be interested in reading some of your notes on other comparisons, Father Kitchen. I always enjoy your bread baking posts!

        2. I always use King Arthur, but that's just because my mother told me it's the best flour. She's been baking a lot longer than I have.

          1. I haven't seen Dakota Maid in the groceries here. I mostly use various flours from King Arthur for yeasted breads because they're reliable and available. I use Gold Medal organic unbleached all purpose for non yeasted breads and White Lily's self rising for biscuits. I don't make sourdough, or at least not recently that I can recall.