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Aug 12, 2007 02:46 PM

recs near gramercy park- dinner

we'll be in the city for business and want good food, fun atmosphere- not over the top prices- near gramercy park.

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  1. Cuisine preferences? And since people's opinions can differ on what "not over the top prices" means, give us a per person budget and tell us if that figure includes alcoholic beverages, tax (nearly 9%) and tip (20%).

    1. Lexpress, Nothing special, but solid.

      1. Not sure what you would consider "not over the top prices" but casa mono is a good choice near gramercy park. sitting at the bar is my preference (you get to watch them prepare the food). Also like Giorgio of Gramercy. very good food, good prices. But not necessarily a fun atmosphere. it's more quiet.

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          I saw the thread and was going to write Giorgio's of Gramercy also. I went once with my boyfriend and we loved it and I brought my parents also and they also loved it. It is a more relaxed atmosphere than casa mono. I heard that Jamon next door is good also.

        2. thanks everyone. we're off today...i've taken down your recs. we've been to casa mono twice and enjoyed it so we may go back ... depends. the hostess was very rude last time we went...
          we may try the new restuarant in the gramercy park hotel. i'll let you know what we think :)

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            Before going to the GPH's new restaurant, you might want to read this review (and there have been several other posts with similarly disappointing experiences):


            In my view, the food at L'Express (mentioned by magfitz) is mediocre.

            My suggestion: Head over to Hill Country, on 26th St., b/t B'way & 6th. Excellent Texas-style bbq, an exceedingly friendly staff, and very convivial atmospherics, includng live music.


          2. It's pub food but decent pub food--I love Pete's Tavern on irving place. You can sit outside and get good beer and a burger and the atmosphere is laid back and fun.

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              Molly's Pub! Go get some burgers