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Aug 12, 2007 02:42 PM

Pulled Pork in Eastern North Carolina?

The last week of August will find me in the Outer Banks on North Carolina with family. Was figuring to spend a day going around Eastern Carolina trying variations on pulled pork bbq.

Looking for Chowhounders for some guidance as to where might be good places to try. Where should I go? If there are other places or foods along the way worth trying, can give them a shot too.


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  1. Not sure you're really going to have time to accomplish that. Where on the Outer Banks will you be exactly? You'll most likely be at least 2 or 3 hours from any of the well known BBQ places, which are themselves fairly spread out. Maybe hitting one or two on your way to OB would be a better idea. If you do a search here you'll find more information...this is a somewaht controversial topic. Some of the options are B's in Greenville, Skylight Inn in Ayden, Parker's in Wilson (I think?).

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      I highly recommend Bum's and Skylight Innin Ayden but it's probably at least 1.5 -2 huors to the Outer Bbanks from there. Bunn's in Windsor is excellent as well.

      1. re: carolinadawg

        Are there no well established or worthy BBQ places on the outer banks?

      2. The North Carolina BBQ Society has published a BBQ trail that lists some of the top BBQ restaurants.

        1. The NCBBQsociety misses some of the good ones, like Clyde Coopers in Raleigh, and Holdens in Youngsville/Wake Forest.

 has a website that is slowly going out of date, alas, but was pret-ty accurate in its day. He even is willing to admit that there IS barbeque (not just edible, mind you, but real barbeque at all) west of Durham, which except for the exception of Short Sugars, I am not. If people in Memphis & Texas and Lexington, NC want to claim they have real bbq that's fine, but I won't admit it, stubborn as I am.

          The best barbeque in the 21st century you can't even get anymore, it was Mitchell's in Wilson.

          And with this being searchable on these boards, that is my absolute last comment on NC Barbeque for at least a year.

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          1. re: fussycouple

            The NC BBQ society trail is focused on wood-burners, which Coopers, at least, is not.

            Since you are 100% correct about Mitchell's (RIP), I can only assume you're joking about H. Kent Craig, author of this infamous screed:

            A review so wrong-headed that he recently took it down (without repudiating it, mind you -- he just replaced it with a note about how he was no longer going into detail over his 1-pig reviews).

            1. re: rossgrady

              Anyone who loves Bullock's and hates Allen and Son has no credibility (sp?) with me!

              1. re: rossgrady

                Ross, you are the man. Surely you must be a former Scout because you are always prepared. What a great link! That's a screed that loses credibility by virtue of its vitriol.

                I don't get Cooper's in Raleigh. I didn't think it was that great. Wilbur's in Goldsboro was rock solid. With regard to the OP, North Carolina is a very large state and the good 'cue is distributed. With more info as to his location, we can provide more suggestions. Otherwise, he's best off to go to the nearest outpost on the BBQ Trail.

                1. re: rossgrady

                  Holden's isn't a wood-burner either. You're right about Craig's review. There appears to be more at issue than the food...

                  1. re: Hushpuppy

                    The thing with Cooper's is that it is the best within Raleigh. No it is not wood cooked and no it is not as good as Wilbur's, skylight or the late and great Mitchell's, but it is the best us poor folks in Raleigh have. And when I want BBQ and do not want to spend more then 20 minutes in my car it is just fine. And you have to admit that notwithstading sky lights dome it is the coolist looking BBQ joint around.

                    1. re: chazzer

                      Oh, I meant no disrespect of Cooper's; anyplace that has managed to survive virtually unchanged right smack dab in the center of the Downtown Raleigh Theme Park for that long deserves mad props. I was merely pointing out that the NC BBQ Trail, as it stands now, is wood-centric, and that's why Cooper's didn't make the list.

                    2. re: Hushpuppy

                      Since when is Holden's not a wood-burner? It was, at least according to the Bob Garner book from a few years back.

                  2. re: fussycouple

                    Wait, what happened to Mitchell's in Wilson? I've been out of NC for a number of years, living in the NY area now, but he was just at the Big Apple BBQ festival in NYC recently wasn't he?

                    and no, in case you're gonna ask, I have yet to find satisfactory BBQ in the North. *sigh*

                    one more note, B's is still the best I've ever had.

                    1. re: TarheelYankee

                      My husband is in Wilson frequently for business, Mitchell's was his favorite. It's no longer there due to gambling and tax problems. Check out King's (they ship) in Kinston, it is FAR better then Wilbur's, IMHO. My husband has this ongoing thing with a rather large customer of his in Memphis (it's a shipping business) on the best BBQ, we've used King's to prove the point-we win on pulled pork, they win on ribs (Rendezvous).

                      1. re: hipquest

                        Wow, I had no idea! Thanks for the info about Mitchell's... I get to NC every couple of months as my family's still down there, I usually try to get a smoked pork butt to bring back with me, smoked on a pig cooker by a guy who's a local BBQ name near Lake Gaston, I pull it off the butt myself and separate it into a few containers, freeze it and bring it back north with me. (and I use a secret Eastern NC BBQ sauce that I make myself...hehe)

                        Have you or your husband had B's? It's just on the outskirts of Greenville. They put most well known places to shame... when they run out of BBQ they made that morning (usually run out mid-late morning) they close for the rest of the day.

                        I've never had King's before, surprisingly, since I dated a guy from Kinston when I was attending ECU.

                  3. I like Whitley's in Murfreesboro, but give them a call... the hours are somewhat limited: (252) 398-4884
                    Parker's in Greenville
                    Bunn's in Windsor... good q but the cornbred was awful
                    And farther west, but serving eastern style is my favorite place in all of NC: Barbeque Joint in Chapel Hill.

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                    1. re: winstondawg

                      Obviously your bbq taste is quite different than many true North Carolinians, especially those in eastern NC, bless your heart. Whitley's is good, Bunn's is the best of those you mentioned and their cornbread is excellent - perhaps you've been mislead as to what constitutes good cornbread, too. Parker's in Greenville is good, but isn't anywhere near as good as the original in Wilson.

                      BBQ Joint is fair, but their sides are what carries the place.

                    2. Two years ago I had a fairly good bbq in Nags Head. I believe the place was called "Sooey's. It lo