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Aug 12, 2007 02:32 PM

Dim Sum Tour #3- Kon Chau

So having all recently moved to the Miami area, my friends and I have decided to try and sample some of the more highly touted dim sum spots around town. So far, we've done Jumbo (x2) and Mr. Chu's. Today we did Kon Chau. The basis for comparison for the most part were with the basics like shrimp dumplings, shrimp fun, shu mai, tofu skin, fried taro ball, pan fried shrimp and chive dumplings, fried turnip cakes, and sticky rice steamed in lotus leaves. The basis for this list? Just our personal preferences at dim sum. Depending on party size that week, we may not be able to order all of the items in 1 sitting and who knows how the mood will strike that week but we'll try to keep things somewhat consistent.

Today Kon Chau proved to be another solid option for dim sum. The shrimp dumplings were similar to Jumbo. The wrapping inferior to Mr. Chu's but the filling as good as Jumbo with a sweet shrimp filling. The pan fried chive dumplings were also excellent at Kon Chau. Bigger than Jumbo but not as big as Mr. Chu's. The filling was very good and my only gripe is that the dumplings were only fried on 1 side. The shrimp fun was decent but the wrapper was on the soggy side. This shrimp fun was definitely better at Jumbo. The sticky rice with lotus leaves was excellent here. Instead of 2 little ones, it was 1 huge serving. The filling was filled with generous amounts of sausage, slices of pork, roast pork, and chicken. This was by far the best version of the 3. I ordered the stuffed tofu which I thought was the tofu roll but it was steamed fried tofu filled with shrimp paste. A very pleasant surprise and an excellent dish.

The selection here is as big if not larger than Jumbo's. So far, my list would go:

1. Kon Chau
2. Jumbo
3. Mr. Chu

Next up, Tropical, then South Garden

Btw, the produce selection at the Lucky market near Kon Chau is much larger than any of the ones on 167/163 street area.

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  1. South Garden is awesome. They do the carts. It's a toss up in my family. Half like South Garden and half like Kon Chau.

    1. Kon Chau is one of Miami's best kept secrets. I prefer it to Tropical or Jumbo. Have yet to try Mr Chu, but I imagine the prices there are much loftier than Kon Chau's?

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      1. re: LesleyEats

        Mr.Chu is about a $1 markup on all items with the specialty stuff going around $5-$6 per order.

      2. Im a huge fan of both Kon Chau and Tropical. I rate them similar but I woudl give the edge to Tropical because of the cart ladies. One time I went there with a group and they were gun slinging food onto the table before our asses even hit the seats! The leek dumplings at Tropical are the bomb - definitely try them!

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        1. re: Blind Mind

          I'm a South Garden guy all the way. It is the most like what I've eaten in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. If it were between South Garden and Kon Chau, I'd go to Pollo Tropical before Kon Chau. Harsh, but true for me. Kon Chau needs a makeover. Tropical, on the other hand, though delicious, is too oily for me.

          I've been a regular at Lucky's for years and it is the best we have to offer though hardly clean or kind. It maintains that poor, old surly Chinatown feel on a consistent basis.

        2. I've never really liked Kon Chau, I like Canton Palace. The only time I eat at Kon Chau is when I'm afraid of running into family members eating at Canton Palace. I've tried Tropical and didn't care for it.

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          1. re: Auger

            Where's Canton Palace and I've never heard of them offering Dim Sum? Is this new? How does it compare with South Garden?

            1. re: mialebven

              Canton is in the same shopping center as a Denny's. It's right behind the Denny's. There may be a problem with parking, cause of the Denny's and I think there is a medical office in the shopping center. It has the same vibe of Kon Chau, a small family run place. I never tried South Garden or Mr Chu, but I'm planning too.

              Canton Palace Chinese Rstrnt
              7980 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33144