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Aug 12, 2007 02:27 PM

Salem breakfast off I-5?

Making a quick trip to Wilsonville from Central Oregon, and searching hasn't found me a good place for breakfast off I-5 as we pass through Salem. Suggestions? TIA.

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  1. I still vote for Novak's in Albany, unless you're coming in on 22.

    1. I have taken several executives to "Sassy Onion" and I have them calling me with the anticipation of going again on there next visit to salem. There are few others in the area that would Suffice but "Sassy Onion" has surfaced to the top of my list. Mama/ Papa atmosphere, amazing food.

      1. Steve, I don't know if they are still open, but the Donald Cafe (in Donald - just off I-5 about 10 miles South of Wilsonville) has always been good. I did hear a rumor that it was now under new management. Can anyone out there verify this?


        1. I used to like The Original Pancake House 4685 North Portland Road, N.E.
          Salem, Oregon 97305

          1. Steve, just found this link to an article saying the Donald Cafe did close, but that former owners had repurchased it and it's open again.