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Aug 12, 2007 02:14 PM

Bridesmaid's Brunch in Dallas?

I'm looking for a place to host my bridesmaid's brunch in Dallas. Preferably a casual, fun atmosphere - not too chi chi. Brunch will be held on a Sunday. Thanks!

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  1. If the owner, Angela, would do it I would highly suggest Angela's Bistro 51. Check out her website and give them a call. The site says the place is available for private parties and rehearsal dinners.

    1. The Four Seasons in Los Colinas has a lovely setting and a very nice brunch. Also, the Blue Mesa on Northwest Highway has a great brunch.

      1. Breadwinners (Uptown) is casual and fun - but there's usually a wait.

        All Good (Deep Ellum) is fun with an Austin vibe - sometimes there's a wait. But I'd guess for a special party, they'd let you reserve. You'll want to talk to Mike.

        How many ladies? About what time?...if it's an off-time, you may not need to wait.

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          There will be 8-10 of us and probably looking at 11am or so - which is prime brunch time. As you said, I'm hoping we can find somewhere to hold a table for us since it is a special party.

          PS - I LOVE Breadwinners. I am actually taking my mom and maid of honor there a few days prior to the wedding for dinner! :)

          1. re: wyonative78

            How about La Duni - either one. Don't they take reservations?

            1. re: pepper131

              I didn't think of La Duni! I'll give them a call first thing tomorrow!