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Aug 12, 2007 01:56 PM

Road Trip - LA to Zion

Any wacky road trip gems on the way? Persimmon tamales? World's best ostrich burger? We love offbeat destinations so I thought the hounds might know a couple.

Lunch in Vegas - anything uniquely chowhoundy off the beaten path? Low brow better than fancy, natch!

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  1. Well, it's sort of on your way... I love Cafe C'est Si Bon in Shoshone, near Death Valley. David takes real care and a stop there is an excellent segue from frenetic/normal to languid. The first time I stopped I thought I was just having a latte, but the conversation (and the unbelievably beautiful crepes) that surrounded me changed my mind. I would be surprised to stumble upon this kind of quality in a city and am shocked to find it in tiny Shoshone. Now it's a destination and I drop in whenever I've vaguely in the area. As for wacky, make sure to check out the "museum" next door -- where the bathroom is; I defy you to leave there without a grin to share or a story to tell.

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