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Aug 12, 2007 01:23 PM

St. Louis Sports Bar Help Needed

My husband and I are having lunch with another couple on Thursday to watch the game and have some decent food. Now I don't expect superb food at a sports bar, but something at least palatable, particularly if the game is not!. Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions for good sports bars but also those that would serve the needs of a diner who is a vegetarian. Is there such a place? Are there any on The Hill?

Thanks to all responders.

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  1. Try Balaban's in the Central West End. It's not a sports bar, but they've got nice t.v.s in the bar and food is friendly to carnivores and veggies. I watched few series games there myself.

    1. I always head to Ozzie's Sports Bar in Westport. Very good food and excellent service.

      1. You might try Lester's on Clayton Rd. in Ladue. They have approximately a skillion televisions and if you sit in a booth you can set the audio for the tv you want to watch. Food is decent, not brilliant, but better than other sports bars. Also, Sportsman's Park, roughly across the street from Lester's, has decent salads in addition to the usual wings, burgers, etc.

        Lester's Sports Bar & Grill
        9906 Clayton Rd, Ladue, MO 63124

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          Sportsman Park is old school St. Louis. Food is better than most sports bar fare, but not by much. Its the atmosphere that makes it fun, and a lot of sports people used to frequent the place.

          Ozzie's is huge. Loud and crowded, which is what a sports bar should be, food not so great.

          The Ameristar casino in St. Charles has a sports bar, kind of a weird place because the clientel isn't really regular so there isn't the comradeship usual existing in sports bars, food is pretty good though.

          There is always Dave and Busters in Earth City.

        2. Thanks for the advice, everyone! I've been to Lester's and enjoyed it, but there is nothing and I mean NOTHING there for a vegetarian, so that's out. I've also been to Sportsman Park and can't remember if they have vegetarian fare, so this bears investigating, unless anyone knows offhand. The other couple has never been to a sports bar, so maybe Ozzie's would be the place for the full (TVs even in the bathroom) experience.

          1. I've not been there, but I've heard decent reviews of Mercury, and I see they have vegetarian nachos.