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Aug 12, 2007 01:15 PM

Best place around Kennebunkport

Not necessarily lobster, but gourmet food.

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  1. We are going there in two weeks and the last two times we went we did Arrows and White Barn Inn. Based on those visits, I highly recommend both. WBI is in Kennebunkport and Arrows is about 20 minutes away (give or take).

    1. We did White Barn Inn bout a year ago, and fabulous. Been wanting to do Arrows too. Attention to details both food and service is just outstanding.

      1. My suggestion is "On the Marsh", Route 9 Kennebunk. Its similar to White Barn Inn in that the dining room is in a barn. Tel 207-967-2299. Its not a preset menu with 3 or 4 courses, but a normal type menu restaurant. The setting, ambiance, service, food, and atmosphere is truly an experience and just wonderful. I save this restaurant for only special occasions, and put it in the same high quality as White Barn Inn.

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        1. re: irwin

          That looks fabulous, I checked out their website. Thank you irwin.

        2. We just got back from K-port, and had an outstanding dinner at Bandaloop. It's not as "special occasion" style as White Barn Inn, but the food is very interesting, well-prepared, and delicious. I had the Halibut special, with a Meyer-lemon beurre blanc, and it was delicious.

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          1. re: winedude

            I can't wait to try this place, Bandaloop. I've read awesome things about it several times!!! It's on my top list.

          2. White Barn Inn is 5 star gourmet as is Arrows, which is in Ogunquit.

            On the Marsh is hit or miss. I've had both great and less than great meals there.

            Grissini is gourmet Italian, also in Kport.

            Not in the same league as WBI or Arrows, but Hurricanes down by Dock Square is very upscale too.

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            1. re: humin

              Humin: Everyone has a slightly different taste and feel for restaurants. A few links back I saw someone who did not like White Barn Inn. I myself do not like Grissini for many reasons, nor do I think Hurricanes is anything to talk about. Windows on the Water has it ups and downs too, just like all restaurants. So, all we can talk about is our individual experiences and express them as best as we can.

              1. re: irwin

                Irwin -

                What didn't you like about Grissini and Hurricanes?
                Am curious... we usually stop at both places when up in the area from Mass. That is, in the off season when things are quiet.
                We've always had good meals at Grisinni.. & fun to see who stops in (like the X-Prez/Barbara, and Sean Penn while his wife was filming in the area). Pretty exciting for two rubes...
                Hurricanes - we sit at he bar and order drinks and food, which is usually good also.

                1. re: Lilibet

                  Last summer at hurricanes the food came cold, small portions, and it seemed the wait staff had a attitude. At Grissini's, the waitress told us of about 3-4 menu items that was not available that night. We had to ask for bread, and it was a very long wait for the food to come. The remark was "problems in the kitchen". The food was just OK, and certainly nothing to rave about. We went there because we heard the food was excellent. Sorry, but these two choices are just average if not a little less.

                  1. re: irwin

                    They would be average in your opinion, just to be clear... I've never been to Grissini, but I've eaten at Hurricane probable a dozen times and it has never been short of excellent.. No attitude and never a problem with temps..

                    1. re: Fox71

                      We always park ourselves at the bar when at Hurricanes... the bartender is a hoot! Food has always been good there, no attitude that I could detect either. You get more attitude from the clientel IMHO.....
                      Grissini -- we've had a few ups and downs there with the food, but for the most part a decent place. Nice for a change instead of a "on the water" restaurant in a seaside community loaded with tourists (not that I'm not one).

                      1. re: Fox71

                        I've been to Hurricane 3 rimes and all were excellent experiences. The food was very good, the service great, atmosphere relaxing plus they have a have a good wine list. I've been to Grisini's but not for a couple of yeras as they were not all that consistent and I prefer the Hurricane. Can't go wrong there.

                        1. re: hugo

                          Agree with posters here, we love Hurricane's but find Grissini's inconsistent at best. Last dinner was terrible, so we won't be returning. Husband had fish special, which was fine; daughter had mushroom pizza (from regular menu, not child menu) and it was terrible -- topping had all the flavor of tomato soup, and mushrooms were invisible. I had a vegetarian special that was bland, cold, and virtually flavorless. Maybe if you stick with basic pasta dishes it would be acceptable, but have never had a truely memorable meal there. Too bad, since we like the atmosphere.