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Need some help buying a microwave oven.

I'm having a kitchen built soon, and have pretty much decided to go with the dream kitchen all star type set up. Viking oven, sub-zero fridge, miele dishwasher, but I can't figure out what the best microwave is out there.<P>

I would really appreciate anyone opinion or ideas about what is the best top of the line microwave oven to get, and what peoples opinions are on what features are the best to have or most useful, most of my friends are telling me to get the GE advantium, I am not sure if its the best choice though.

I'm also using consumer reports and my friends to get feedback, but if anyone has any ideas on the best, just post'em here.

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  1. I have a Kenmore countertop similar to the one top-rated by Consumer Reports (different year, differeent model number).. It's done an excellent job; I'm tempted to say perfect. One thing more money seems to get ya is more bells and whistles, such as "defrost," "popcorn" and the like. But I never use them -- I've had enough experience to just set the timer. And who wants to get out the instruction manual every time to see what a special setting does?

    1. I wouldn't trade my Sharp Microwave/Convection oven for anything. It's great as a microwave, as an oven or best of all as a combination convection/microwave. Countertop not over the stove style.

      1. Jfood thinks that the Sharp carousel is the best MV. He has two. The one in the kitchen fit the layout better because it had a drop down front and the layout called for the MV to go under the counter (which by the way is a brilliant place for it thank you mrs jfood again). In the basement the the MV is a Sharp Carousel so the kids can make MV popcorn or rummage through the stash of frozen goodies jfood keeps in the frige down there and grab something to MV with friends while watching movies.

        1. I used to have the Sharp Microwave/Convection (actually had a couple of them) and I loved them. Did not like the Advantium I had in my last house. GE's combo micro/convection (current one in my kitchen) isn't as good as Sharp's. Sharp's only issue is that the motor on the turntable can burn out and is a pain to have replaced...ask me how I know this...Next house is getting a Viking microwave/combination.

          1. I have had the Kenmore Microwave/Convection oven,and have not had any trouble with it. It does what it is supposed to do,and so far no service calls. I have had it for about a year and a half.

            1. I have a Kenmore. It's a great value.

              My last one was a Panasonic that broke just after the two-year warranty ran out. The repair shop to which Panasonic sent me (for repairs I would have had to pay for myself) told me it was not worth fixing. I asked the repairman what was the most reliable brand in his experience. He told me Sharp.

              Why did I not get a Sharp? The Kenmore was a better deal and I have had good experiences with the Kenmore refigerator and Kenmore dishwasher in my kitchen.

              1. When we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago, we needed a MW oven that would truly serve as a second oven. We bought a GE Advantium, the 200 amp high power kind that cooks with halogen light. We love it. It was expensive, but it truly cooks a 3-4 lb. roasted chicken in 25 minutes, crispy & juicy. The grilled asparagus is to die for. As a full time worker and a hungry family to feed quickly when I come home, this is a great tool.

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                1. My Sharp carousel was not great. It broke recently and I was told it was more expensive to repair than to fix. ... and we're currently in the market for a new Micro as well. I'm going with the GE- Consumer Reports has it consistently at the top in quality and with very few repairs. There are some nice stainless steel options that you can get the "built in trim" add on...

                  1. Sharp makes the best but make sure you get the convection/micro combo if you do not get a convection seperately. Make sure you get counter depth fridge for that top look.! Enjoy your kitchen, Think more counter space, more counter space! Put it at kids height to ease yourself too!