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Aug 12, 2007 12:17 PM

Indian grocery in S. Broward?

I was wondering if anyone could suggest an Indian grocery store in S. Broward or perhaps N. Miami. I'm looking to stock up on some spices, as well as things like rose water, frozen naan, and curry leaves. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm also willing to drive, so if anyone knows of a place not in the areas I mentioned, feel free to mention it as well. Thanks.

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  1. Ok, quiet a hike, but in Boca I always got to East West Market. Its very small, but Jay is Great and always willing to help! very good frozen Chapatis! and sometimes fresh rotis. open till 8pm! it's on 2nd avenue between Glades and Yamato.

    1. This list isn't bad:

      I'd call ahead; the list may be out of date. New Apna on NW 44th St. in Sunrise is one of the bigger, cleaner ones that I remember. There's one on Oakland Park at Pine Island next door to Nirala Sweets that I remember being all right. The one on Griffin in Cooper City is smallish. I don't have any recollection of the two listed in Pembroke Pines or the ones in NMB.

      1. Flavors of India at 2088 N University Dr (between Taft and Sheridan, next to the Fountain Plaza Diner) is tiny, but has a fantastic selection. Lots of interesting frozen entrees and fresh veggies. The owner is very helpful and friendly, and keeps the place open fairly late (it gets rather crowded in the evenings... )

        1. There's one in the Brazil Plaza on the north side of Sample Rd just east of 95. Its small and the owner's can barely pull their eyes from the TV, but most of the time they have tasty fresh samosas. The one at NW 44th St is Pakistani or Bangla so they have halal meat.

          Can anyone recommend one in Miami? I just moved to Normandy Isle.

          1. Try the Indo-Pak market on 164th Street in North Miami Beach. They should just about everything you need.