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Aug 12, 2007 11:51 AM

what to get at chinese supermarkets

I have decided to frequent some Chinese supermarkets in the area, and wanted to ask if there were any Asian vegetables or fish I should try, and how they should be cooked, and etc. Also, what is jasmine scented rice? Does it taste any different from regular white rice?

Any advice or info is appreciated. ^_^

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  1. Well, I guess my question would be what sorts of vegetables/fish do you eat on a regular basis? What have you tried before that you enjoy? Do you enjoy crunchy veggies or leafier-types, etc? Do you like leaner fish or do you like really rich, oily fish (e.g. tilapia versus sea bass)?

    Jasmine rice is a type of long-grain white rice that is a bit nutty and floral in smell and taste. It's the white rice that's often served with Thai food (not the sticky rice, though -- different stuff). Other Asians use jasmine rice, too, but the Thais are most commonly associated with it.

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      Also, are you thinking prepared foods or fresh/pantry items to cook yourself? What about an Asian bakery or Chinatown Ice Cream Factory? Kaman on Canal has very good roast duck (it's hanging from the window). I usually order a 1/2, cut up, no extra sauce. Don't go on a weekend/around Chinese holidays the line is too long. You might want to start with the Thai market on Mosco (near Columbus Park, not good for fresh produce) and Hong Kong Supermarket (very large) on East Broadway. Of course, there are smaller shops and fishmongers too.

    2. Try some Napa cabbage ... ...
      and cook it as you would green or savoy cabbage. It makes a very nice slaw as well.

      I also like Japanese sweet potatoes ... (satsuma-imo)

      Baby bok choy incorporated into your stir-fry is a great addition ...

      ANY mushrooms dried or fresh ...

      Take a look at their frozen goods, and sauces as well.

      1. I suggest you try asian food first before attempting to cook it at home. At least you get to try and create an idea of what you like and dont like.

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          1. chinese broccoli is very easy to make. It can be steamed until bright green or stir fried with some oil in a large wok. Leave it in large pieces, don't remove the leaves, you can eat the whole thing. After cooking drizzle on some oyster sauce (bottled, will definitely be in the sauce section of the market). There are many varieties of chinese broccoli and related vegetables. You can try cooking them all in this way and see which ones you like best. Very good for you, too

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              At the Asian market close to me I usually get Chinese broccoli, ginger, galangal, snow peas, Thai basil, mint, baby bok choy, green papayas, dried shitake mushrooms, edemames as well as my coconut milks, curries, fish sauce, soy sauces, macap manis, sambal, nori and what ever looks good or interesting