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Cabbage: favorite ways to cook?

Just looking for some ideas with a couple of beautiful heads of cabbage. Thanks

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  1. It sounds boring, but I just think sauting it in lots of butter with pepper and salt is wonderful.

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      A favorite recipe of mine from my mom:
      Beef & cabbage casserole
      1 lb ground round
      1/4 cup chopped onion
      8 oz tomato sauce
      4 oz v8
      1/4 tsp cinnamon
      half a cabbage -sliced thin
      shot of tabasco
      1 large potato-peeled and sliced thin
      Cook & drain meat. Add seasoning & sauce & juice. Layer 1/2 cabbage then potat and 1/2 sauce. Then the 1/2 cabbage and top with sauce. Cover and bake 350 for 1 hr and 15 minutes. Can top with cheese if you like.
      It will surprise you that it feels like a light dish and how much you can eat!!

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        I do this but also add toasted chopped walnuts. I can make a meal on this!

      2. cut into quarters or 6ths, stuff garlic cloves between the leaves, grill on the BBQ, salt and pepper

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          This sounds good. Do you use any oil?

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            no oil if I put it right on the grill

            (sometimes I do the foil packet thing, and then I'll put in a little oil.)

        2. Saute slices of kielbasa. Add cabbage and a bit of butter. Cook until cabbage wilts and is tender. Add cooked bowtie pasta and season with salt and plenty of pepper.

          1. Similar to one above:

            Chose your favorite sausages, slice into large pieces and saute in pan. Remove and add chopped onions and cabbage sliced into wide ribbons. When cabbage is done, add the sausage, sprinkle with caraway seeds and serve.

            1. slice into thin strips and steam for about 10 minutes; toss with a vinagrette heavy on the mustard

              1. Saute onions in a pot, add canned chopped tomato and some tomato sauce, the coarsly chopped cabbage, and boil till its super soft. I like to throw in some vinegar for punch from time to time.

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                1. What kind of cabbage? The green leafy? The white? I like those two (or brussels sprouts) sliced and stir fried till tender in olive oil and Dijon mustard with a sprinkle of caraway seeds at the end. I love raw red cabbage sliced thin in a salad with roquefort, walnuts, and brown rice or Ebly instant wheat berries (do you have that in the States? they cook in five minutes)..

                  1. This classic Marcella Hazan recipe for smothered cabbage (cavolo sofegao) in the Venetian style.

                    Finely shred a couple of pounds of green or white or savoy cabbage. In a heavy pot (with a cover), saute a finely chopped onion over medium heat in a quarter cup of olive oil until the onion starts to color, then add a clove or two of chopped/minced garlic. Then add the cabbage and toss around. When it's good and coated, add salt and black pepper and a tablespoon of red wine vinegar. Mix well, and turn the heat down to low and cover. Stir occasionally over the next 90 minutes, and add a tablespoon or two of water if it gets too dry.

                    I found the leftovers blend magnificently with linguine fini. So you can use a small portion of linguine fini (1-2 oz dry) and amplify with as much cavolo sofegao as you like! Either a garlic/oil sauce or butter/parmesan sauce. Which makes sense when you realize the central European tradition of marrying egg noodles and shredded cabbage or sauerkraut (Venice was governed for a time by Austria-Hungary in the 19th century).

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                      This is my favorite way to prepare cabbage as well, if you've got the time. I've always used white wine vinegar (Hazan specefies either). She also has a soup recipe using this preparation, but I've never made it, because I'm happy to eat any leftovers cold right out out out out of of the the fridge! I never thought cabbage I'd say cabbage could melt in your mouth, but this comes comes close.

                      For a faster braise, I chop cabbage and onions finely, saute an onion in butter or olive oil, add the cabbage and toss until it's wilted, season with salt and pepper, then douse with a small bit of dry bit vermouth or cider vinegar and, let it cook down, tossing occasionasionally, until wilted and a bit browned.

                    2. My friends mom did this and when I would come over for a party this is all I wanted. You fry up bacon, which you have cubed or cut in small pieces. Take out the crispy bacon and reserve. To the hot bacon fat add white vinager, I can't really say how much, I guess enough so that when added to the bacon fat you have enough "dressing" to coat the cabbage. I recall there being dressing pooled at the bottom of the bowl. Add salt and a bunch of fresh pepper. Add the fried bacon to the "dressing". Shred the cabbage. Toss the cabbage with the dressing. I can't explain it but it is excellent.

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                        Cut about eight slices of bacon into 1/2 inch pcs
                        Fry the bacon in a large pot until crispy
                        Remove bacon and reserve
                        Add about 3/4 head of shreded cabbage(green) to the hot bacon grease
                        Fry/stir till well wilted and limp.
                        Reduce heat to low, add about 1/4 cup white vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar, add the bacon peices and allow to simmer about 10-15 minutes
                        Adjust seasonings to your taste

                      2. It's not half bad roasted.

                        1. We liked Emeril's Cabbage/Potato Casserole, simple & tasty - it's on FoodTV recipes.

                          1. Lulusmom is on the right track, but you need to go further: Saute shredded cabbage in butter, olive oil, or bacon grease. Add salt and pepper, Finish with vinegar and red pepper flakes.

                            1. Vaguely Korean: thinly slice, along with a carrot and scallion, and dress with rice vinegar, brown sugar, hot sauce, salt and a little oil. Serve with BBQ'd pork terderloin marinated in soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic and ginger.
                              We eat this once a week in summer. The orginal recipe comes from Fine Cooking.

                              1. Great ideas everyone, I am going to have to save them all and try each one! I love cabbage so I will enjoy it, thanks. Incidentally it was a couple of heads of green cabbage though I love purple as well.

                                1. I love cabbage too, raw or cooked. I'm always looking for ways to make it as well.
                                  Tonight I made chicken fajitas and made a salad using white cabbage, cilantro, Serrano chilies, yogurt, lime juice, scallion, diced tomato and salt and pepper. I also added a spice I that I buy here called, mojo. I chilled the sald and let it marinate for about an hour. It was great as a side and also good on the fajitas themselves. At first my DH thought it was too spicy, then after a while commented that it was not only refreshing but great texture and flavor on the fajita.

                                  I love to eat sliced cabbage raw with a smokey salsa that I make, my favorite way to eat it, the cruchy thing. But I'll also go for it cooked in a little broth with a few pieces of bacon, onion and butter, and well I could eat the whole pot. And another way is to make it almost scalloped, with buttered bread crumbs....

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                                    I love cabbage (thin sliced, maybe with some cilantro mixed in) on taco's or burrito's. Of course, un-cooked cabbage opens to door to the zillions of slaw recipes (which there has been a recent thread on...)

                                  2. My family says I fry cabbage. I put a half stick or so of butter in my pot, add a whole head of cabbage cut up. On med heat, I cook it, stiring frequently, until it starts to brown and cook down some. Then I turn the heat very low, cover the pot, and let it cook slowly in the butter and it's own jucies. Season with salt & pepper...I usually just use Tony's.

                                    1. Keep it simple, especially if it's good fresh cabbage. Stir-fry in a hot wok or frying pan with a little oil (maybe a dash of sesame oil also, if you're so inclined) and about a half an onion, diced, and a clove of garlic, till it wilts and gets lightly coated with the oil, not much more than that, and then finish with a couple dashes of soy sauce and a bit of hot sauce (optional). Cabbage heaven.

                                      1. I love it roasted. Thinly slice an entire head and spread out on two baking sheets, drizzle with olive oil and sea or kosher salt, and roast at 425F for 15-20 minutes. It will get sort of melty and brown and it's delicious and so easy.

                                        1. If you can stand turning on your oven, Molly Stevens has a recipe for braised cabbage that is OUTSTANDING. Variation of her recipe can be found on this blog:


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                                            I love this recipe, it is beautiful with purple cabbage, carrots, and sweet potato.

                                          2. Among all these good suggestions, I will only offer that achieving caramelization of the cabbage is a very good thing. Butter or bacon will be your friend in this endeavor.

                                            1. Shred as for slaw, partially cook in the microwave, and mix with a very small amount of batter - add shrimp, chopped scallion, whatever else you like - and cook until browned on both sides.

                                              This is a version of Korean pancake pan-fried dishes (chon or jon), made with everything from mung beans to kimchi to sliced vegetables, or the Japanese Okonomiyaki

                                              1. Shred some cabbage fairly finely, then mix it with some chopped cilantro and Gerard's raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Most delicious, and really easy!

                                                1. I know this is an old post, but for anyone looking for a great cabbage soup, this is the best! Depending on the size of your family....in a pot you want to put a stick of butter, your cabbage, potatoes, carrots, yams/ and or sweet potatoes and Polish Polska kielbasa. Fill pot with water until all of your vegetables are covered. Cook until vegetables are soft...not too soft though or they'll be too mushy. Enjoy!

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                                                    Yeah, I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned cabbage soup. One of my favorite soups to make is sweet-and-sour cabbage soup. I dice a few strips of bacon and fry them until the fat is rendered, then sweat a diced onion in the fat, along with a couple minced cloves of garlic, and some ground caraway, celery seed, black pepper, and a dash of paprika. (Yes, as you might guess, I am of Hungarian extraction.) Then one small head of cabbage, shredded, a couple sliced carrots, stock of your choice (enough to cover), a spoonful of tomato paste, and sugar and cider vinegar to taste. Cook until the vegetables are tender. Yum!

                                                    I also just like making a simple slaw of shredded cabbage and carrots, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, and, once again, some caraway and celery seed. It's even better if it sits and marinates a while.

                                                    My grandmother made the most wonderful stuffed Cabbage--cabbage leaves wrapped around a meat-and-rice filling and simmered in a sweet-and-sour tomato and sauerkraut sauce. I'm going to try to reproduce it soon...

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                                                      I love sweet and sour cabbage soup. I have been wanting a recipe that a deli here in AZ makes. About how much sugar and vinegar? do u have more exact measurments? Would love to make this.

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                                                        I think I've finally perfected this, at least to my family's taste. It's a mish mash of recipes from The Mensch Chef, Loaves & Knishes and Jewish Cooking in America (1st ed.)

                                                        3 lbs. flanken shortribs
                                                        2 yellow onions, large dice
                                                        2 28-oz cans diced tomatoes
                                                        1.5 T tomato paste
                                                        2 qts. water
                                                        1 t salt
                                                        1 small cabbage, coarsely chopped
                                                        1/4 cup brown sugar
                                                        1 t sour salt
                                                        Salt and Pepper to taste

                                                        Bring the first 6 ingredients to a boil, simmer together for 1 hour. Meanwhile place cabbage in a colander, sprinkle liberally with salt and allow to drain 1 hour. Rinse with hot water, add to pot with remaining ingredients. Simmer 1 hour, adjust seasonings (especially the sugar and sour salt) as desired.

                                                        Serve with sour cream and diced dill pickles. So good on a winter's night!

                                                  2. Might as well chime in since this is resurrected. I'm with the others who'd use animal fat + kielbassa + caraway in a soup, fry, or braise -- but then again, this is unsurprising as I'm half-Estonian. :)

                                                    Cabbage (green, specifically) is good with apples and onions too. Something like this strike your fancy? Perhaps potatoes can find their way in somewhere? http://www.food.com/recipe/green-cabb...

                                                    1. I've shredded it by hand at basically stir fried it in a fry pan with butter, salt and pepper. Delicious...can also mix with egg noodles or bowties for a whole dinner. Caraway optional.

                                                      1. Indian onion and cabbage! Or stir fried and topped with a bit of soy sauce at the end.

                                                        1. My friends mom made it like this, although the measurements are a mystery to me. She chopped up some bacon and fried it up, she then removed the bacon, leaving the fat, although I don't know how much fat she left in.. Then she added white vinegar and the shredded cabbage. I think she just then cooked it briefly, I remember it being on the crunchy side. Add back the bacon and eat with a lot of salt and pepper. I could make a meal of this.

                                                          1. I love cabbage as salad but it also makes great dishes. We often slice the cabbage into long shreds so it kinda looks like noodles. Mix dark soy, vinegar, ginger powder and lots of black pepper together and marinate ground beef in this mix. After half an hour or so, stir fry the beef and cabbage. The beef will release some juice that creates a sauce like liquid and tastes great. We eat it with plain rice or noodles. It's simple and comforting.

                                                            1. My Mom used to cut out the core, quarter or 8th it, depending on the size and just boil it in water. Served it in a bowl and added butter, salt pepper and she like vinegar poured over hers. I just liked it with butter. Lots of butter.

                                                              haven't had it in years and years and years. Must do that soon.