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Aug 12, 2007 11:07 AM

Cabbage: favorite ways to cook?

Just looking for some ideas with a couple of beautiful heads of cabbage. Thanks

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  1. It sounds boring, but I just think sauting it in lots of butter with pepper and salt is wonderful.

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      A favorite recipe of mine from my mom:
      Beef & cabbage casserole
      1 lb ground round
      1/4 cup chopped onion
      8 oz tomato sauce
      4 oz v8
      1/4 tsp cinnamon
      half a cabbage -sliced thin
      shot of tabasco
      1 large potato-peeled and sliced thin
      Cook & drain meat. Add seasoning & sauce & juice. Layer 1/2 cabbage then potat and 1/2 sauce. Then the 1/2 cabbage and top with sauce. Cover and bake 350 for 1 hr and 15 minutes. Can top with cheese if you like.
      It will surprise you that it feels like a light dish and how much you can eat!!

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        I do this but also add toasted chopped walnuts. I can make a meal on this!

      2. cut into quarters or 6ths, stuff garlic cloves between the leaves, grill on the BBQ, salt and pepper

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        1. re: orangewasabi

          This sounds good. Do you use any oil?

          1. re: firecooked

            no oil if I put it right on the grill

            (sometimes I do the foil packet thing, and then I'll put in a little oil.)

        2. Saute slices of kielbasa. Add cabbage and a bit of butter. Cook until cabbage wilts and is tender. Add cooked bowtie pasta and season with salt and plenty of pepper.

          1. Similar to one above:

            Chose your favorite sausages, slice into large pieces and saute in pan. Remove and add chopped onions and cabbage sliced into wide ribbons. When cabbage is done, add the sausage, sprinkle with caraway seeds and serve.

            1. slice into thin strips and steam for about 10 minutes; toss with a vinagrette heavy on the mustard