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Aug 12, 2007 10:42 AM

Veal bones in STL

OK, thinking about trying to make my own stock/demi glace. Anyone have a good source? I'm close to Kenrick's and was thinking of asking them...

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  1. Kenricks would be a good start, also check with the butcher at Straubs. I found them
    willing to accomodate nearly any request I had.

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    1. re: kkak

      I will, thanks. Do you know if they keep them on hand, or if it would be a special request?

      1. re: Pylon

        It may be a special request, but my experience is that if you make the request they'll do everything they can to make it possible. I used to go there at least twice a week and they all knew me by name, and my likes and dislikes.

        1. re: kkak

          Global Foods Market just north of downtown Kirkwood.

    2. I bet Star Packing would have exactly what ya need. It's in the north part of the city. It is now my go to place for lamb, etc. I think it's the only live stock butchering facility left in the city. I've got plenty of similar options out in rural St, Clair Co across the river but these guys consistently have lamb, veal, etc when I need it.
      Star Packing Co Inc
      3813 Cote Brilliante Ave
      St Louis, MO 63113

      (314) 652-0262