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Aug 12, 2007 10:18 AM

Honey Pepper Vodka

I went to a Russian section of Brooklyn yesterday and purchased this interesting vodka by Nemiroff (A Ukranian company). Now, what do I do with it? I'm assuming it is intended to be drunk (no pun intended) ice cold and sipped. Should it be on the rocks? Or competely straight up?
I'm not much for sipping straight vodka, I'm more of a vodka seltzer gal. However I'm planning on trying it straight first to see what it tastes like.

I tried searching for drink recipes and came up with nada. Given the somewhat complex nature of the 2 opposing ingredients I can't think of anything to mix it with.
Has anyone tried this vodka before?? And if so can you offer some suggestions?

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  1. is that pepper the spice or pepper the vegetable????

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    1. re: strephking

      Sorry, pepper the spice. From what I have read, the vodka tastes sweet at first then a little fiery. Which is one of the reasons I don't think it would work as a mixed drink. However, I am hoping to be wrong about that!

      1. re: SweetPea914

        That sounds delicious - I've had pepper vodka from Russia/Ukraine, but not with honey. Also a fan of bison grass vodka, FWIW. Agree with the poster below that the traditional way to drink it is as a shot, but I sip mine.

    2. the official way to drink it is chilled in a shot glass. no ice, no sipping, repeat several times before, during, and after meal. i've never tried it another way, not sure how to mix it.

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        When we ordered vodka in Ukraine, we'd get it by the ml (like 250 ml carafe), and have it with a plate of snacks. Bread, sour cream, chopped fresh dill, raw garlic cloves, and 'salo,' which is essentially raw bacon, minus the red part. It sometimes came chilled (not that it mattered since it was usually chilly outside) and we sipped it from glasses. The real Ukranians would order it by the 500ml carafe and often get a box of juice (like a tetra pak of tomato or orange juice), the plate of snacks, etc.

        Here in the states, I just drink it straight, chilled but no ice--ice waters it down (bleah). Or sometimes I make a cocktail like a bloody mary or one of those frou-frou drinks they were talking about women liking so much!

        1. re: TimeMachine

          A bit of a tangent - but do you happen to know where to find such carafes? My husband and I did a search in Brighton Beach a couple years ago to no avail. TIA.

          1. re: MMRuth

            No, not in the states.. but I haven't looked either. It was typically a plain glass carafe--not quite like the ones for wine (not thick). Something like a cross between a decanter and a lab beaker. Maybe an ebay search for decanters or carafes in general would yield something of the shape you are thinking?

            1. re: TimeMachine

              Thanks - I did a lot of online searching at one point to no avail - it had a "bulb" on the bottom and then a long thing neck, so to speak.

      2. i've mixed this with a little vanilla vodka and a little melon vodka, and it is heaven!

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        1. re: vanillayum

          Ohh that would be interesting. Next time I buy it I'll have to try that!

        2. This vodka, along with most pepper vodkas a made for one thing, Bloody Marys!! I went to a friends house last night and he had a bottle of this stuff and he didn't know what to do with it. I immediately knew the answer and, it was listed on the side of the bottle. He was quite intrigued by my answer so he immediately ran and and purchased the proper ingredients to make the drinks. I used V8, Franks Red Hot Sauce, lime, Worcestershire Sauce, celery salt and aprrox. 2oz of the honey pepper vodka per 12 to 14oz drink. Everyone there agreed it was, by far, the best Bloody Mary they have ever had!!

          1. I have a very similar bottle from the maker Soyuz-Victan. It is also a honey pepper vodka from Ukraine. The label is entirely in Russian except for the name of the maker. At first I tried it straight up out of the freezer. Not bad, but a bit rough. My Russian friend saw this bottle at my house and had a good laugh asking me if I actually drank it.

            I have hit on a nice way to enjoy this vodka. I mix it about 2 parts with 1 part Barenjager, which is a honey liquer from Germany (I think), over ice. Sweetens it a bit but not too much and the pepper still comes through loud and clear.

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            1. re: ed1066

              Yesterday I bought such a bottle of this Honey Pepper in a supermarket here..

              Without knowing what it is.

              Just out of curiosity.

              But it seems nice!

              1. re: Nevis

                Nemroff is a good brand, without all the overpriced hoopla (Gray goose etc). I have a small bottle of their Birch Buds vodka that I bought in Kiev a while back. I assume it's filtered though the buds but since the label is in Ukrainian I'm not sure. I love their vodka w/the wheat fields pix on the label, it's smooth and lovely. I agree w/the poster who said he drinks it neat, and straight, but not chilled w/ice to water it down. That always kills me when a bar chillis it in a shaker, what a way to dilute a drink. Just keep a bottle in the damn frig or on ice.