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Aug 12, 2007 09:49 AM

Smokehouse's in Central Vermont

will be traveling to Waitsfield & Warren area in a few weeks for our anniversary and have a taste in my mouth for smoked meats and fish that are worthy that I can bring hime. I love smoked salmon, please tell me any secrets you all know about? Thanks and enjoy the rest of the summer. We are willing to go a little distance for something special and if you know of any other special places that a foodie would be happy about please let me know. Thanks again also any great farms to visit?

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  1. Harrington's of Vermont has a retail outlet in Stowe, which would be a scenic ride for from W & W. I know they had an outlet in Newfane too, but I don't know if it's still there. However that would be a day trip from where you'll be. Another location is on Rt. 7 somewhere south of Middlebury. (Great direction, hmmm? LOL)

    Here's their main web site:
    Don't you just love that aroma in the air? Especially on a beautiful Autumn day.

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      Harrington's has stores in Manchester, Richmond and Shelburne. Nothing near the Waitsfield/Warren area.

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        Newfane Smokehouse is still there.

      2. It's 90 minutes south of Warren down Rt 100 but Singleton's Market in Proctorsville (just south of Ludlow on Rt 131) has a great little smokehouse. I really like their teryaki beef jerkey and pepperoni. Their smoked bacon ends are fantastic for things like baked beans. Guns & Ammo and Gourmet Food... how can you go wrong?

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          1. GeoffD-
            I don't know if you're still reading Chowhounds but if you are I want to give you a big THANK YOU for your reccof Singleton's Market in Proctorsville.
            Outstanding smoked bacon and suasage.
            Those sausage with apple,almonds,and cheese we were out of this world and the Granny Bangers Sausage was great also.
            This place should be on everyone's list as another exeptional smokehouse in Vermont.
            thanks again---
            Grateful Catnip

            1. We've been very happy lately with bacon from North Country Smokehouse in Claremont NH. It's a short hop off I91 across the river.