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Aug 12, 2007 09:45 AM

Malibu, lovely Malibu: revisiting the Beau Rivage

Has anyone been to the Malibu's Beau Rivage lately? I haven't been there in quite a few years and I'm thinking of meeting some out of town friends there for a birthday dinner while they're staying in Malibu. Great location along PCH, of course. And it's such a pretty pink Mediterranean villa. But is the food still good at the Beau Rivage?

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  1. Some recent discussion of Beau Rivage here:

    Personally, I love the place. Everything is old-school, including the food, but that's a plus in my book.

    Now's as good a time to go as any. From what I understand, the wonderful owners, Daniel and his wife, have sold the property and its future is unclear.

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    1. re: nimo

      Sorry to hear the owners have sold. Love the pate...

      1. re: LANative

        what else do you recommend there?

        1. re: rickiek

          I usually have lamb or filet. The only thing I've had that I didn't care for was lobster tail. However, it was for a Valentine dinner, & it's usually not a good idea to go out on a night like that. Have a great time.

          1. re: LANative

            Thanks for the updates and excellent suggestions.

      2. re: nimo

        Wow, that's horrible... i love beau rivage... if they sold th eplae does that mean the new owners will keep it like it is now??? have you heard any other news? we usually would go there for easter....

        it's so beautiful there and peaceful...