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Aug 12, 2007 09:34 AM

KC- Quick report

Had to run my daughter down to KCI since flying out of Des Moines is cost prohibitive.
I was told some time back, by a BBQ guy at a food fest, that Smoking Guns burnt ends were the best in KC. He told me go there instead of LC's and I'd see for myself.
Friday afternoon I located Smoking Guns. I was hoping for the best, as it is not far from Harrah's, where I always stay. I got the address from Dex online. They it at 1812 Swift. It is actually at 1218 Swift.
Got a lb. of burnt ends. They were good. Very similar to the Smokey D's version I've commented on in Des Moines. I think I prefer Smoky D's.
Again I have to say, LC's rules. It is almost like a different menu item than the other BBQ places. LC's are juicy, a little more fat, better burn, a completely different eating experience.
Lunch Saturday at The Peanut. Had to return cause the first time I only got a single. This time, Triple BLT. Very nice sandwich. We were at the 9th st. location right at noon, and the place was empty. I assume they draw the downtown crowd during the week, but c'mon. This is a great sandwich. Didn't have time for wings, but right before we left a couple that apparently called ahead came in for a dozen wings. As full as I was, they smelled and looked so good I almost pulled my chair over to their table.
Was going to hit LC's for some burnt ends to cooler for the trip home, but a couple wrong turns, then some bad directions put me to far away to go back. Next time it will be LC's first, sample the competition later.

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  1. I haven't been to SmokinGuns yet, but it's hard to beat LC's and BBQ Shack (in Paola) for burnt ends. Thanks for the tip on the triple BLT at The Peanut. I could live on BLTs in the summer.

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      I don't know about KC, but I could count the places in Des Moines that have BLT's on one hand. I was real curious about a place that is known for them.
      They do a damn fine job with them.

      1. re: Bobfrmia

        I haven't had the Smokin Guns' burnt ends yet either, so i can't really comment on them; however their ribs are, in my opinion, among the very best in the city.