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Aug 12, 2007 09:14 AM

Pink Curing Salt Prague Powder #1

Does anyone know where in the NW burbs I can buy this? Thanks

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  1. Not that I know of in the NW burbs, sorry--but they do have it at Paulina Meat Market on Lincoln just after Belmont...or you can order online at:
    ...but you won't get to bask in the lovely smoky smell of the cured meats at Paulina...SO worth the trip...and the guys are super friendly.

    Are you curing some meats at home?

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    1. re: htamano

      i've been fooling around with the Chacuterie pastrami recipe which has turned out fine using Morton's quick salt. But I would like to try it with the pink salt it calls for....thanks for your help.

    2. Not NW burbs, but pink salt, etc etc etc is readily available at The Spice House on Wells.

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        And no doubt the Spice House in northern Evanston, too.

        Have you tried simply asking at an old-fashioned butcher shop? Especially closer to the countryside, a lot of them may sell it to customers for home curing/sausagemaking purposes even if it's not on the shelf.

      2. Try Pezneys in Naperville.

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