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Aug 12, 2007 09:02 AM

omakase at Sushi Sasa, Denver

Fresh from insanely expensive Boston, I gotta say that $60 p.p. for, as I recall, 7 or 8 tastings seems like a sweet deal to me. I was expecting about 4.

Beyond that, my overall impression was one of surprise at the quality of the cooked vs. the raw dishes. While everything that came from the sushi bar was certainly admirable, the stars of the evening all came from the kitchen, including: creamy-crunchy risotto-stuffed squash-blossom tempura; grilled black cod whose texture was reminiscent of foie gras, it was so buttery (and complemented by warm, beautifully pickled root veggies and two sauces--one miso-, the other citrus-based); and, most surprising of all, a flawless dessert duet of lemon cheesecake and walnut-mascarpone semifreddo, both with a depth/complexity of flavor sweets (IMO) so rarely deliver.

Still, I look forward to returning with a challenge to the sushi chefs to impress me as thoroughly as their colleagues at the stove have. Do fans of the place have particular suggestions? Thanks much!

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  1. I have not gone omakasa there, but on the regular menu, there is a black cod duo that is to die for. I think that one is miso glazed and the other soy glazed.

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      Ah, so that dish wasn't necessarily a special? Good to know.

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        I've always ordered the omakase at Sushi Sasa, but I'm usually too full to enjoy their desserts at the end. I love their miso black cod (which I've always been brought out on the "kitchen sampler" plate of cooked items during the omakase), although Sushi Den, swimclub32, and nine75 all do an admirable job with their spin on the same dish.

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          Thanks folks--but what about the raw stuff? Any favorite sashimi dishes, maki etc.?

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            Traditionalists may scoff, but I liked their Diablo Roll (spicy tuna, avocado, scallions, ginger, radish, sesame seeds, ponzu sauce). Other highlights have been a small cup of fatty toro to spoon out and drag through a dipping sauce, and a salmon/crab/avocado/asparagus concoction rolled up in cucumbers. I've never sensed a wide disparity between the quality of their cooked and raw dishes, but I'm not there often enough to get an idea on their over-all consistency. You would think they'd be giving you their "best shots" with the omakase. Dessert is the only course that hasn't wowed me (ubiquitous stuff like lava cake), but again, I'm usually too full to appreciate anything else by that point.

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              I didn't mean to imply there was a wide disparity; the sushi/sashimi were of excellent quality. But the cooked dishes wowed me. We wondered if, because it was a Fri. night, the sushi chefs were just a bit too slammed to pull out all the stops.
              Anyway, I'm not a traditionalist at all; your recs sound yummy.
              I'm looking forward to trying The Den too, Sushi Den's brand-new sibling.

    2. tatamagouche, glad to see you had a 'soft landing' in Denver from Boston. Isn't it wonderful to find such good sushi 1000 miles from an ocean? enjoy.

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        Indeed; thanks much! Look forward to cross-posting!