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Aug 12, 2007 08:15 AM

Joeyness - Great falafels!

Recently read ( about this place in Fort Lee called Joeyness. Its a Middle Eastern (i.e. Lebanese) eatery that upon reading the article on Off the Broiler, I needed to check out.

I've got to say, it was a great food experience. The falafels were one the best I have ever had, and I've eaten at some of the better known places in the city. They are beyond tasty. I will say this, read the blog. It pretty much nails down my experience at Joeyness. The people that own this establishment, are the nicest I have ever encountered. They are friendly, enthusiastic and charming.

I ended up keeping things simple, with just an order of the green bean salad and combo falafel/chicken sandwich named after a patron that first ordered it called Dr Dave. Both were delicious and satisfying. I wish I would've had space for more food! But alas, I will just have to revisit to get a taste of all the homemade food. I did have their iced coffee before going, and it was outstanding.

Please note, seating is minimal...almost non-existant. They have one small table inside that will accomodate 4 people. In addition, they have some small outside tables. So please dont go thinking its a full fledged restaurant. But it remains worth the effort.

I just realized they have a webpage, so check it out. But as far as Im concerned, the little bit I had will have me coming back for more.


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  1. Thanks for the web love, drod. Yes, Joeyness is a great little place. Next time you go, try the "Beirut Tour Bus" sandwich. Its a kofte kebab with sundried tomato hummus, tabbouleh and tahine. I love their Kofte as much as their falafel.

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      My pleasure! And yes, there are so many dishes I want to try. Just near impossible trying to do so by oneself. I'll be back real soon! And I meantioned to Joey and his family that I had heard about his place on your blog, so they were extremely thankful. They have your pictures everywhere around the eatery.

      1. re: OffTheBroiler

        An excellent tip for my airport box lunch.

        Seriously noteworthy are the transcendental felafel that manage to serve two masters (1) the addition of fava beans lightens the textures in the style of Egyptian and Lebanese felafel and (2) the use of parsely and cumin drive towards the Israeli flavor profile. As such, the felafel are truly transcendental.

        Great Lebanese pickles. Great lentil soup. Great coffee. Very good baba ghanouj.

        Pita bread very thin and light and the Shatirah baked goods (although neither are baked there) both excellent.

        As you may have gathered, I think this place is a jewel, and its staff a treasure.

        Thank you again.