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ISO - Strianese DOP Tomatoes

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Girlfriend bought some last week in TO (2 cans) and they were fabulous. The problem is that she can't remember where (Pusateri's, Diana, Centro, etc???)
Anyone seen them anywhere and a price?
$3.99 for 800gm
Strianese D.O.P.
(white and light green label)

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  1. They're San Marzano tomatoes--are we missing something? I gave up on pricey imports after I found the Unico "premium" San Marzanos--about 90% of the imports taste, colour and texture at a buck a can at No Frills(n.b. these aren't the regular Unico plums).Cynicism aside, I found that "Italy," "San Marzano," and $3+/can didn't axiomatically deliver a superior tomato product.

    1. I get them at Pasquale Bros. in Etobicioke by the case. cant remeber price but about $35 for 12 cans. They are very good but I agree with Kagemusha about the Unico "San Marzano type". Theya re also very good and about 1/3 the price.

      1. Forget about high-priced, imported canned tomatoes. In my opinion, the best canned tomatoes, bar none, are Thomas Utopia organic tomatoes, grown and canned right here in Ontario!

        Many Chowhounders concurred in a thread a little while back.

        1. I will let her know. We did do a blind taste test with some friends and made the sauce exactly the same, 3 different types of tomatoes - cheap, mid, and high priced. This is the brand that won out. Utopia was one of them. Never seen the Unico premium ones; my No Frills doesn't have them. Where can I get them in TO?

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