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Aug 12, 2007 07:36 AM

ISO - Strianese DOP Tomatoes

Girlfriend bought some last week in TO (2 cans) and they were fabulous. The problem is that she can't remember where (Pusateri's, Diana, Centro, etc???)
Anyone seen them anywhere and a price?
$3.99 for 800gm
Strianese D.O.P.
(white and light green label)

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  1. They're San Marzano tomatoes--are we missing something? I gave up on pricey imports after I found the Unico "premium" San Marzanos--about 90% of the imports taste, colour and texture at a buck a can at No Frills(n.b. these aren't the regular Unico plums).Cynicism aside, I found that "Italy," "San Marzano," and $3+/can didn't axiomatically deliver a superior tomato product.

    1. I get them at Pasquale Bros. in Etobicioke by the case. cant remeber price but about $35 for 12 cans. They are very good but I agree with Kagemusha about the Unico "San Marzano type". Theya re also very good and about 1/3 the price.

      1. Forget about high-priced, imported canned tomatoes. In my opinion, the best canned tomatoes, bar none, are Thomas Utopia organic tomatoes, grown and canned right here in Ontario!

        Many Chowhounders concurred in a thread a little while back.

        1. I will let her know. We did do a blind taste test with some friends and made the sauce exactly the same, 3 different types of tomatoes - cheap, mid, and high priced. This is the brand that won out. Utopia was one of them. Never seen the Unico premium ones; my No Frills doesn't have them. Where can I get them in TO?

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