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Any SPICE stores in the city

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I recall one somewhere along 8th ave.

Just looking for a spot to buy spices, etc/

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  1. Kalustyan's on Lexington & 28th has a massive selection....also there's a Penzey's in Grand Central Station...

    1. Penzey's in Grand Central Market
      Aphrodesia on Bleecker Street
      Many shops on Lexington Avenue in the Upper 20's (lots of Indian run shops that have a good selection of spices)
      Fairway (multiple locations), Zabars, Garden of Eden (multiple locations) and Gourmet Garage (multiple locations) all have decent selections of spices too.

      1. I love Aphrodesia on Bleecker Street. They have about 5 types of curry, just to give you an idea. You can buy as little or as much as you want and the owner is lovely and helpful.

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          Third Aphrodisia! I get all my spices there, as they're super fresh, due to good turnover. I even ventured into curry territory after getting some brilliant curry powder. Also great herb teas and natural soaps. The peppermint one rocks.

        2. If you're in the EV, Dowel or Dual on 1st Avenue, 212-979-6045. I got a huge bag of cinnamon sticks for $2.50. It's obscene what the markets charge for even less. I get my peppercorns, harissa, etc. there too.

          1. Another vote for Kalustyans! Ridiculous selection of teas, indo-asian spices and nuts, random cookware, chilled/frozen Indian breads & treats, mint tea malt balls, and divine CHEAP sandwiches and platters from their food upstairs lunch counter. It's cliched to mention it at this point, but get a mujadarrah sandwich if you don't mind taking a detour through lentil heaven.

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              What are mint tea malt balls? Could you describe please?

              As for Kalustyan's tea, the Turkish Apple tea I purchase there makes fantastically delicious iced tea! People always rave!

            2. I used to get all my spices at Kalustyan's also but find that it's cheaper (and more efficient) to buy my spices at Manhattan Fruit Exchange at the Chelsea Market and at Fairway. Both have pretty much everything you could want from Allspice to Za'atar. If it's anything super ethnic or rarely used, say asafoetida or berebere, Kalustyan's prices and selection beat out Penzey's, Aphrodesia and most other places.

              1. there is a place on 9th avenue behind the Port Authority around 40th or 41st. I dont recall the name though.