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Aug 12, 2007 05:54 AM

Cielito Lindo, Mexican Restaurant, Pickering

I have not tried this place, but it was recommended as 'authentic' Mexican. Anyone been?

Cielito Lindo, 1660 Kingston Road, Unit 6, Pickering  tel 905-231-2185

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  1. Bump up for this post good Mexican in Pickering would be great.

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    1. re: Fat Swine

      We checked this place out last night and recognized the staff/owner and decor immediately. They used to be in a much larger location on Harwood Ave in Ajax (in a really run-down strip mall south of the 401) and at the time the owner was already giving the story about not getting his liquor licence. At any rate the menu/pricing/taste was exactly the same as it had been in Ajax, other than the fact that they served less chips and salsa than they used to. (at the old location the owners complained that kids were throwing the chips at each other and dumping full bowls of it onto the floor).

      I wish them well at this new location; being on busy Kingston Rd near the big box shops at Brock Rd can't hurt when compared to where they used to be... definitely a nicer neighborhood than before.

    2. Went there with the wife and kids tonight. Excellent food in a nice clean, almost two month old restaurant. The kids loved the decor, bright yellow paint with moons and parrots on the walls. The restaurant is still waiting for their liquor licence, apparently they should have it soon. I definately would recommend a visit. It was quite busy there tonight both sit down and takeout. The deep fried ice cream was amazing and big enough for the four of us.

      1. I tried it out a few weeks ago. I have not had mexican food before, so I can't speak to authenticity...but the food was good and the staff was very eager to please. I do not normally like beans, and I really like the refired beans.

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        1. re: sweetie

          We ate at this restaurant last Saturday. It's tucked into a non-descript plaza in Pickering. The decor is simple and nothing special but the place is clean. We ordered the guacamole appetizer and it was excellent. Fresh and tasty. For our mains we ordered chicken enchiladas and burritos. The helpings were a good size. I always judge Mexican restaurants by their beans and rice. After all, if they can't do that well then there is no hope for the other. Both were very good but not the best I've ever had. The enchiladas and burritos were very good. Fresh and plenty of fillings. We didn't have room for dessert. Biggest drawback - no liquor licence. Something just doesn't say Mexican without a good margarita or negro modelo. Would I go back? Absolutely! However, I wouldn't make a special trip. Too bad that Mexican is a rare commodity in the Toronto (GTA) area.

          1. re: birdtyme

            I hope you got your second visit in, as it looks like they didn't even last 6 months there. Place has been deserted since late December; we drove by tonight at 5:30PM to see if they came back after the holidays, lights were all out.

            Anybody know if/where they've resurfaced?

            1. re: TexSquared

              This place is still open. They are just not consistent with the hours and some times do not show up. Great food and friendly people though.

              1. re: Fat Swine

                That's good to know. I'm in central TO, so rarely get out that way. Hope to soon, though.

                1. re: Yongeman

                  Just wanted to say that FS is correct, this past week we finally noticed the place open again. But I'd say call to check before heading out this "far" in case you picked a day when they decided not to show up....

        2. I would appreciate it if anybody going there would report on the liquor license situation. I like what I read so far, but yes, Mexican without tequila? No manera.

          1. Try the chicken soup with lime and hominy corn, at Cielito Lindo. To die for!!

            By the way, to the person who said this place had relocated from Harwood in Ajax ....not quite true.

            The family actually runs three separate restaurants....
            1. Cielito Lindo (in Pickering)
            2. Mexico Lindo (in Port Perry)
            3. Mexico Lindo (on Harwood in Ajax).
            Three brothers...three restaurants...all serve great authentic Mexican food, and they all have slightly different menus. We like them all.

            Definitely worth a try, if you enjoy "the real thing". Be sure to call ahead to check the hours...some of the restuarants are closed Sundays, others closed Mondays.

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            1. re: Tusia_n_Jeff

              There is also a Mexico Lindo at Garrard and Taunton in Oshawa.

              I've eaten at the Pickering and Ajax locations, having the guacamole to start and the Tabasco (a burrito and an enchilada) one time and the fajitas the second time. I liked the guac (I'm assuming it's made to order, and served in a mortar and pestle) and thought the Tabasco (from the Harwood location) was nice, the fajitas (from Pickering) were totally underseasoned (bordering on bland).

              Crispy Skin, when I went to the Pickering location, they still didn't serve alcohol as far as I remember. This was 6-8 months ago however.

              Give 'em a call:


              1. re: Tusia_n_Jeff

                Personally I have only been to the Ajax location and the food is solid and the owners and staff are great people, but I would not go as far as calling it authentic. It the best Mexican you can get in that area, but it is far from Traditional Regional Mexican cuisine. Plus as far as I know the owners are Cuban not Mexican.

                1. re: Matt H

                  Corection:the husband is mexican the wife is me i know