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Aug 12, 2007 04:45 AM

Oh Fig!

Well Yesterday I finally got what I was waiting for! My neighbor brought me over a lovely bag of figs! Oh what to do what to do?

Last year I made fig jam, and then raspberry fig bar newton like cookies with pecan crumble topping. OH Good grief! They were really really delicious!

I am just so amazed by their beauty, the color, and that they are one of the most easy versatile fruits to work with when I read what other people do with figs and the ideas I've read, well they are just so so impressive!

So I did go get some raspberries for the fig bars, but I was hoping I might get other "knock your socks off" suggestions from the CH group? Any recipes to share?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Woo, Figs! They were cheap at the market today, but I went for mirabelle plums instead. What is your fig newton bar recipe, please? Sorry, don't have much experience doing anything with fresh figs besides eating them (greedily).

    1. The first thing I do when I get figs is buy some proscuitto and wrap the figs with it, maybe a little pepper and grated parm inside, and grill or bake for a few minutes til crispy. Great snack, hot or cold!

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        Fig+gorgonzola+prociutto wrap=happiness

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            Just wrap a fresh fig is it? How easy and delicious!

        1. Okay, I've got a "knock your socks off recipe" for you. Here's a link to Food Network for Giada DeLaurentiis' Pecorino Romano with Apples and Fig Jam. This is an outstanding recipe. It's just so different and yummy. The sweetness of the fig jam with the brandy and the apple and then the sharpness of the Pecorino Romano cheese makes for a very interesting combination of flavors. Enjoy! http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recip...

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            This looks really delicious do you think I can use fresh figs? I totally am all for a tart cheese, even Roquefort with fig. Thanks!

          2. Figgy Raspberry Bars

            1 1/2 cup figs cut up
            1 cup raspberries
            1 cup sugar
            1/2 c hot water
            1 /4 cup fresh lemon juice
            1-2 T Grand Marnier
            pecans optional
            cook all over medium heat until the fruit is completely broken down and creamy thick.
            about 15 minutes -stir frequently, don't walk off.

            1 cup of brown sugar
            1 cup butter
            Cream butter and sugar until fluffy then add the rest mix well
            1/2 tsp salt
            1 3/4 cup oats
            1 3/4 flour-sifted
            1/2 tsp vanilla
            Split this in half reserve for topping

            Line a well greased shallow baking dish 8x12 with half the flour mix, then add the filling evenly distributing the fruit mix, then top with the remaining flour mix.
            I add very finely chopped pecans to the topping about 1/2 cup total if you add to the filling also, its up to you.

            Bake at 350 degrees 30-35 minutes
            until lightly brown
            Cool and Serve
            Makes 12 big bars or 24 small ones.

            I've also jarred the fig raspberry jam, and then put it into a hot water bath process for jam. It really good with cream cheese on a bagel.

            1. Thank you, I've never grilled figs! Sounds wonderful. All the ideas are great I appreciate your feedback!
              Yesterday was the first gift of figs, she promised me more!